the moment i saw this pin, i knew i would be doing it for judah's class valentines this year. so easy, so unique, so cheap, so cute. awesome fun with perspective that creates a cool visual effect.

after about 8 minutes worth of total effort (all fun), this is what all of judah's classmates and teachers will be receiving this year for valentine's day:

i love how he has on a kissy face as he proffers the goods.

i probably could have picked a better background than our desolate, unraked, front yard with its bald patches and 6 years of decomposing leaves, but i can only think of so much at a time, and there just isnt that much to chose from in our yard. plus, you can only keep pants on the child for about 4 minutes at a time if we are on our property, so we went with valentine's in the deciduous forest as our theme.

here's how we did ours (publishing this on the 12th so theres still time!):

we took a roll of christmas wrapping paper from the closet and wrapped it in the white craft paper from the big roll on the kids' ikea easel (the chalkboard side of which is what we wrote the "love, judah xoxo" on in the background). white computer paper would have been just as good, but required a tad more tape.

we wanted to get him holding the stick sort of towards the camera so it was like he was offering the lollipop to the recipients, but he is 2, so we mostly just went with whatever he felt like and told him to pretend the stick was a slime gun and he was shooting us.

i added the word graphics in picasa like a boss, poked a hole at tip of where the wrapping paper ended (could have used a hole-punch if it had been closer to the edge), stuck the lollies through and taped the stick down on the back. wham, bam, thank you, ham.

20 copies of the photo: $3.80 at snapfish. picked up at our local walmart in 30 minutes.
box of tootsie pops: $2.95

i love these babies about fifty skrillionty times more than the store-bought perforated cartoon nightmares that i am sure he will want every year henceforth. and they cant have cost much more, even with the candy. so yeah, pinterest has made me uppity about 2 year olds' valentines. maybe thats a red flag that i should step away.

gag reel:

happy valentines to the girl who spurned his advances. maybe i will add a crack line through the heart.

happy valentine's day, to my favorite golfing buddy!

HIYO! happy valentines to ME

and this one ALMOST was the official picture, but just got edged out:

i LOVE how belligerent he looks. but when you added the lollipop, it totally looked like he was stealing it maliciously rather than giving it in the name of friendship and love and pink and red (as is the point).


  1. I saw this and was hoping one my friends with children would create it. Love it!

  2. Love you're creativityness (yeah, that's the best I could do...) Slayed every time I see you go after and conquer one of these projects...so out of my league. Glad I can enjoy that my grand children are receiving the gifts of your labors, rather than being intimidated if it was my child who gave them the store bought kind!

  3. "HIYO" brought a snort laugh.
    Thanks for sharing Jesse's butt with your fans.

    I cannot sew. I like people that can. Strong work friend.

  4. PRESH! I must do this in 2013!