escape from witch(ing) mountain hour

was that title a stretch? i dont care.

last week we had to escape from the hours of indoor living room mania that comprise most of our pre-bedtime evenings these days, so we bustled ourselves off to the park and the library. since it was supposed to rain and close to nightfall, we had the place to ourselves.

the little tube speaker set tripped judah out big time. though i was 6 feet away from him and visible, he kept needing to tell me, "maaaah-me! mai at paygound!"

sassy pants wasnt too interested in going down slides. but she was all about walking up them and falling on her face repeatedly just to show us who was boss (answer: physics)

a few notes: 1. look at layla's badonk! 2. for the weather, i was overdressed and sweating and the kids were just right. 3. is this the first time i have posted a pic of the mai tei carrier that i made for layla when i was pregnant with her? i LOVE this thing and it is one of my greatest sewing achievements, 4. the ducks got a little aggressive at one point, and i lost my head completely and took off, yelling, "run, judah, RUN!!!!" with 90% serious panic.

put her on a spoon and just let me gulp her down.

hahaha. a kid + loud dora piped in his ear via headphones + a quiet library = HILARITY.

freaking little spazz goobers. they are PERFECTION!


  1. love that last pic! your kids are fun!

  2. Duck boots with the fur - NICE!

  3. So glad you're taking time to smell the roses...wait while I grab my spoon!!!