weekly pinspiration: rack it like BEKVÄM

according to my pinterest butler robot, i pinned this idea 24 weeks ago to my "organization" board.

some genius (and geniuses abound on pinterest) figured out that a $4 BEKVAM wooden spice rack from IKEA (aka the promised land) would make an excellent way to store all of those kids' books that we love to read but loathe to keep on a shelf where the kids cant read the spines, and therefore solve that issue by ransacking every book onto the floor, where the covers are much more visible.

we were so bouty-bout this solution. we return unto our swedish mothership's bosom about once a month, so the next time we were there we went to buy a few. alas, some other intrepid pinner had bought them all, despite my sprinting, UPSTREAM, through IKEA on a saturday to make them my own (re: an athletic and spiritual endeavor or olympic heights).

so a few weeks later, we were back in the city and finally got our hands on 4 of these.

they sat in our garage for a good, long while, taunting me with their incompleteness. then, castaway on the doldrums of the holidays (no childcare! nothing open! nowhere to go!) jesse and i finally snapped and went on a reorganization frenzy in our living room (which is also dining room, play room, and certified rumpus room--wanna see my certificate of rumpification?).

while jesse excuted my brilliant idea of turning our IKEA expedit 2X4 bookshelf on its end to reclaim to precious floor space, i headed outside to spray paint the spice racks.

a few drywall anchors and some geometry later and we had quite the library in a previously unused corner of the room, a freed up shelf where they used to reside, and happy kids who could judge many books by their covers, like we have tried so hard to teach them to do. ah, life lessons.

i was surprised by how many books could fit on each shelf while still being a really low-profile setup.

the whole she-bang hides behind the front door.

aside: i realize this is ridiculous if you live in a world where you have enough rooms and space for all of your living. we dont. so as long as we are in this tiny house that we feel like we are outgrowing daily, we have decided to make the best of it. we arent entering any design contests or even trying to sell our house (right now) to normal humans who prefer to eat at a table or NOT store their cardamom behind the front door. as such, we are customizing this bee-yatch for our needs so that we don't all lose our minds and go on a nerf-shooting spree through the neighborhood. amen.

the view from the opposite corner.

i love it. and i have gone ahead and invested in a kiddie pool full of spackle for all of the holes in the walls that we are going to need to fill in if we ever do unload this tiny house of ours.

pin on , mes amies!!

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  1. Very nice. A house needs to be lived in.

  2. I'm so glad you chose that kid-friendly height... you had me hanging on til the end :-)

  3. @wading patiently, please dont hang on the book racks. zing!

  4. Is that a scale by the front door? BTW just started pinning last week and I am in love too. Dang you internet.

  5. @marisa, yeah it is. it says it has to be on flat, level ground and our bathroom tiles are too small and make it rocky, so it lives over there. you gave me a slight heart attack for a second when i thought that somehow my weight would actually be still displayed on it. shwew.

  6. Continually amazed at your ingenuity...I think about something then spend 10 years getting around to doing it. Hang on!

  7. we, too, have the Ikea spice rack book shelves. Our boys share a room, and tons of books. They are so nice and handy!

  8. I was going to make some book "ledges" using the $10 ledge idea from ana-white.com, but this doesn't require me to beg my husband to assemble--I can do this all on my own! NICE! What an awesome idea-thanks for sharing it!

  9. dudeee. this is awesome. my future kids will have one of these in their room fo sho.