i love layla. she make my heart fuzzy and cockles warm. but this kid is a smart little punk.

while she is just starting to sometimes drink the same watered-down juice that we let judah have, layla mostly gets milk only. i am pretty certain she has never been given full strength juice.
so you'd better believe i dont let her have full strength lemonade from chickfila. that mess is high octane. i used to work at the chick, and i know that the lemonade is real and full of straight up lemons. that mess is strong and acidic. if i was on juicing detail, my hangnails would be singing for hours afterward as the corrosive lemon molecules found their way past my outermost armor of epidermis.

while it is highly delicious and we let judah drink it on special occaisions, (holidays, birthdays, tuesdays, bribes) i havent let layla have any because its pH is so low that i am afraid of torching her still-new, pampered, litte baby GI tract. we gave judah juice too strong, too fast and it gave him bad diarrhea and diaper rash.

she knows she can't have it and therefore she comes after it with an unholy vengeance. this is the same way she feels about jesse's thermos of scalding hot coffee and any beer bottle within 2 miles of her.

she is the terminator. and if you dont move that junk about 3 feet further away from her than you *seem* to need to, she will destroy you.

so naturally the mastermind that she is, layla finally got ahold of some lemonade the other night when the perfect moment to hatch her nefarious scheme presented itself.

judah, jesse and layla were in the play area. judah had his kids cup of lemonade but jesse was in there with him preventing underaged drinking by layla. when jesse had to take judah to go to the potty, and the cup got left behind, she pounced. she knew i was all the way on the other side of the glass and couldnt stop her in time.

so i had a choice: go in and snatch it from her grasp or document her heist.

"ohhhh, what now, mama? it's just me and the cup right here, and you're all the way over there!"

she toddled over to the steps and set it down so she could put her back into enjoying it right in front of me. i am just thinking of the diaper scorch that this is going to cause her

"just want to make sure you could see my face here...drinking the lemonade"

and then an unsportsmanlike victory run at the glass to try to intimidate me into buying her some starbucks and corona. it didnt work...but only because i knew the glass would keep me safe.

she is a terminator, yall, and will eat your face off with slobber kisses and roars.


  1. I pee'd a little just now... this is so stinking hilarious! Our littlest crazy is like this with any electronic gadget... she just won't be stopped. Love that you took some pictures too, classic.

  2. Kimberly Walker1/10/12, 8:37 PM

    Oh my goodness! That first picture is priceless! That is too funny. My girls still get their juice watered down a bit ( unless it's a jbox) and they are 8 and 10! So much sugar. I haven't eaten at Chick-Fil-A since my last trip to FLA which was sadly 20 years ago. I bet it's as good as I remember...:(
    By the way loving my Nourish goodies, thanks again for the giveaway! :)

  3. Her facial expressions are to die for! Such a little sneak and she knew it too! ;)

  4. Oh Keight. That first picture just slays me! I'm going to need to see her again soon! And her hair!!! I spy baby mullet and it's beautiful!

  5. oh that is too funny! i think she takes after you...in a good way. she's spunky, that one ;)