FAQ you!

i am doing a little tidying up around here. i am working on new pictures, a new "about" section (because, breaking news!!! layla isnt a fetus anymore!) and i just wrote a page for frequently asked question.

i tried to think of the things i have been repeatedly asked about in the comments section or in email and answered them all there in case others were/will wonder the same. some of the topics might deserve their own posts, but for now, this is where they'll live.

if there's something else you want to know, just leave a comment and i will probably be happy to answer.

and because it's been too long without them, pictures of the stars of the show:

layla girl with her 2 favorite christmas morning items: her purple baby and the leftover stump of the carrots we put out for santa's reindeer.

judah man riding a horsey (aka lulu's leg). he now just comes up to you, straddles your leg and starts his horse riding motion. it would be a little alarming if he wasnt repeatedly yelling, "ride um cah boy!"

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  1. Sarah.Berlinger1/3/12, 10:35 PM

    Umm my almost 2-year old nephew will come and sit on an adult's leg, look at you, and say "al-a-den", which is his interpretation of "dun a lun dun a lun dun a lun dun dun", AKA the William Tell Overture, which we sing whenever we give horsie rides. Kids are so awesome.