last minute gifts

shalomha amigos.

just wanted a share a few of the handmade things i am gifting this christmas.

it hasnt been a huge handmade christmas for me personally this year since i was so busy being paid to make christmas presents for others to give their loved ones. this year's dukes family christmas gift bounty and our electric bill: sponsored by etsy. thank you, jesus. amen.

first off: the most thoroughly underwhelming understatement of a gift for judah and layla's preschool teachers. these chicks are AMAZING and if i had the money to buy them what they deserve, then i would be able to afford a nanny, not to mention all of the expensive cheeses i am forced to live without daily. hardship.

because nothing says, "thank you for working yourself silly being an answer to our prayers and a solution to our insane scheduling/budgeting needs," like...

a dishtowel!


that sensation youre experiencing right now? the mouth slightly agape, lower jaw stuck out and brow furrowed? it's judgement and shocked disapproval. yes i know this isnt the most glamorous gift but i am hoping it's super useful and helpful to these wonderful ladies.

the kicker: it was supposed to come with a punny little note to each that said, "thanks for getting your hands dirty while taking care of our kiddos!" except for the part where we forgot to write the notes, so they just got these random dishtowels with no labels. luckily, my mom decided to write each teacher a card and give them a gift card, so the towels were at least identifiable as belonging to judah and layla's people, even if it was in the cold, lonely shadow of my mom's more suitable gifts.

anyway here they are:

to my credit, they are AWESOME. they are from a pin i have wanted to make for myself FOREVER. (ed: not intended to be used 6 at a time.)

the dishcloths button around your oven handle to keep little creatures from INCESSANTLY pulling them off and strewing them all over your house; bringing you to the brink of emotional meltdown when you have wet hands and turn to dry them, only to find NOTHING there. cue psycho theme music.

anyway, i have now made six of these, but didnt make any for myself. i WILL be doing so ASAP. and here's hoping the kids' fantastic teachers are finding these useful long after they spend their much-deserved target monies.

the other project i've tackled so far is a pair of kiddie cooking accessories: chef's hats and aprons for my nieces. i used these tutorials cause they were AWESOME to the max and added some personalization for kicks.

for sophia and airabella. who love rainbows.

pockets, waist ties and adjustable neck strap. hopefully they get years of use out of these.

sophie and bella are 4 and 6, so this SHOULD look a little big on a 2 year old.

holy myspace stank face.

i really, really hope they like these. they are getting to the age that they can legitimately cook with my sister in law and enjoy doing it so hopefully they'll get excited about these. if not i also bought a loud, plastic, electronic toy to go along with them. because the charm and effort of handmade is sometimes lost on those born post-katrina.

if you're the sewing type, i heartily recommend either of these two projects if you still need christmas gifts. if not, godspeed out there in retail land, my friends.


  1. Karla Aukerman12/22/11, 12:58 AM

    You are absolutely hilarious! I laugh out loud when I read your blog....it's somewhere I need to come on a day I'm feeling blue!:-) I have two children close to the ages of yours...so I can relate to most everything you say! Thanks for being an inspiration to a stranger like me! You're so talented! (Okay, it's late, this is choppy, and I'm not expressing things how I really wanted to...but you get the idea! I think you're great! ahahah)

  2. You're lucky I didn't know you could make those awesome dishtowels or I would have ordered one of those, as well

  3. Mega talent here, ladies and gentleman. Mega talent. I'm going to give those dishtowels a try. I think they're super awesome and useful. Who doesn't use a dishtowel?

    I always look forward to a new blog post from you. Thanks for brightening my hectic Thursday morning!

  4. ohmyword, your commentary SLAYS me. i'm dying inside.
    merry handmade christmas keight!

  5. Claire from MN12/22/11, 2:30 PM

    I have to say that it looks like Judah is swearing in the first picture and the stank face just confirms it! (Although, I'm certain he wasn't.)

  6. I die for your dishtowels!! My husband never puts them back!