frankenz and mirrd

continuing this precious phase of adding a "D" onto the end of words that simply dont need one, i give you a video of judah chatting about the christmas story. plus bonus footage of me trying to make him show off his new (mercurial) counting-of-objects skills, forcing him to confess his new feelings for me (though he accidentally goes back to the "mommy go bye bye" party line), a discussion of where jesse is and a sweet farewell. and lots of my most creepy/endearing mommy diction (designed to make him feel comfortable sharing, but not to turn him off with my enthusiasm).

did i mention i LOVE this phase with him? he is so chatty and bright yet still such a speech-impeded baby with an amazingly fresh perspective of the world around him.

we take night time walks a few times a week all around our town to visit the nativities, christmas lights, santas and animatronic deer (he does NOT like the "robot reinBeer"). i was tickled when i realized that he already knew a lot about the christmas story based on what he was learning at preschool. hooray for retention!


  1. He is so adorable. I remember when my sister started really being able to have conversations and it was super awesome. Also, A+++ that you're writing down the awesome Judahisms because we wrote down the awesome Charisseisms and it's awesome to look back at her now that she's nearly eight and chuckle about what she said, and she loves it, too. (My fav: "Sissy/mama/dada I hoed [hold] you" while reaching for the person she was talking to. Translation: "Sissy, will you hold me, please?" Presh.) Anyhow. That kid of yours is amazing!

  2. If I ever come to visit at least I won't need to ask where the potty is. I'll know - it's on the kitchen counter. :-) He is a cutie! I need to get on posting videos soon myself.