girl meets cupcake

needed to pop in with a post to let you know we didnt die during the half-marathon. it was touch-and-go, but jesse and i both survived and finished our 13.1 miles.

here's some adorability of miss big lady encountering a cupcake for the first time ever at her birthday party.

y'all, she took the whole thing down in 3 minutes flat.

rocking her literal and figurative birthday suit. her face here makes me so happy

hello, eyes. and she looks a little nervous that we're going to confiscate the cupcake

look at that killer grip

still a lady. ankles crossed the entire time under the table. at one point some icing fell down from the cupcake and i went to check and see if it was on the carpet. it never even made it below the plane of the table thanks to layla's belly sealing off the entire pathway to the floor.

she makes me smile big

your little cupcake may be yummy, layla, but ours is sweeter! p.s. it's hard to hold a kissy face.


  1. Oh sweet girl! Those eyes are killer.

    PS stop being so hot. Sheesh.

  2. awe.. she looks so cute eating the cupcake! <3xojo
    p.s. congrats on the 13.1! <3

  3. i'm with ashley! you are so pretty i can't stand it.
    oh, what's that? this post is about lay lay, not you? my bad! she gets her good looks from her mama :)

  4. she gets her food takedown speed and a proclivity for chocolate on her belly from me too!

  5. I love that precious face SO much! She is filled with sweet innocence. She looks up with such pure delight after doing her Tennessee Two-Step when she walks in the door! Love my Layla boo.

  6. KEIGHT! She is SO CUTE! and i love the quilt. and you are gorgeous. and your family makes me want to puke a little bit because you're just all so beautiful together.