pixelated gems..and a giveaway.

while i was going through our most recent professional pics looking for good shots for the sidebar, i found so many that i had forgotten about and are amazing, hilarious or sweet and deserve some love too.

we took these back in october. it was about 90 degrees and we got annihilated by mosquitoes. thanks, georgia, love ya!

but thanks to brenna's sick talent, you would never know that we were sweaty, itchy, miserable and dealing with 2 screamy, sleepy, renegade munchkins, 90% of the time. she's good.

so glad we have this one. for a few weeks, she was doing this with her tongue ALL the time. but she never does it anymore.

um, are you kidding me? have no idea how we bribed him to do that.

i promise jesse is judahs dad, despite the opposite hair color, hair texture, and eye color.

they. love. him.

this one *almost* made the sidebar pic instead of the more composed one, just because it is SO us.

i think these are all actually grimaces

pause. forever.

judah is adorable. jesse is hot. it is known.

this looks like a movie poster to me!

so love this. even though the kids kind of look drugged/asleep.

oh, hello frame models. thanks for living in my house and being real people.

this child slays me

seriously? she is the best. prancing around doing some sort of touchdown dance and squealing all the while.

something about her face doesnt look like layle to me, but i know it is and the body language is SO her.

indignant and surprised.

lucky girl.

he's feeling great about himself and cant even stand it.

the chubby legs, the happy feet, the sprouty hair and the little prissy wave. she is everything.

and now, the giveaway.

a free custom key fob or burp cloth from my etsy shop to the best captioner of this, my favorite, photo of layla:

this wasnt even supposed to be a giveaway post when i started, but then i got to this pic, and so many ideas for funny captions came to me that i really wanted to hear all the hilarious possibilities that everyone else might have. so i am trying to bribe you for my own entertainment.

just leave a comment here with your best caption. feel free to leave a few if you want; it's quality, not quantity that makes a winner this time around.

we'll pick our favorite and announce the winner next week on monday or tuesday.

p.s. despite unbiased judging, i think i have picked my dad as the winner every time i have done one of these types of contests. he never takes/wants the prize, and i pick my next favorite, but dont let him have the satisfaction this time!


  1. "You will do as I say when I clap my hands!"
    Those are some gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing!
    Kimberly aka Bakingmommy

  2. Layla E. Dukes, Future Choreographer... teaches her family the Mexican Hat Dance... and makes it look so hot.

  3. "Hurry up yall ... into the tub! Time to wash up!"

  4. "Its a lesson in the importance of Unagi"

  5. (and I totally don't "know you" well enough yet to know if you like Friends. But you seem like the kind of girl that would. ;) )

  6. "Excuse me! Excuse me! Quit talking and pay attention to MEEEE." Just wait till she is talking and mimicking phrases you commonly use that you didn't know you did. I love her sass, she's adorable.

  7. I need the ladder right here!

  8. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

  9. If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands.
    -From Justin

  10. Hi! I'm de-lurking for this, I love your family keight and how brave you are to share your life with the internet!

    Layla's saying:
    Okay, the flamenco es very simple, all you need is two hands and a sassy dress.

  11. That's right girls, swing your hips, clap your hands like this ... And Cha cha cha!

    She is precious!
    Beautiful Family!

  12. "just up up up and away"... What a lovely day..!! Lovely pics Keight..

  13. Yeah Judah, you better run! Hi-YAH!

  14. "Can you hurry up and take the picture? I can't hold this pose forever...."

  15. "now freeze! Everybody clap your hands...." From the cha-cha side

  16. "Our next item up for grabs is a vintage tub as shown by the lovely Layla". "One dollar, Bob"!

  17. "That's how big my chubby baby legs are, Mom. Wanna tickle them?"

  18. I see her saying.... " And that is how you control everyone around you by being so stinking cute...." and slaps her hands together like she has dirt on them.
    Sweet pics, K8!

  19. so I just keep thinking of her doing that beyonce "all my single ladies" dance. with those ghetto legs (which are ADORABLE) and that stance.... and then her hand she saying "oh oh oh,oh,oh, oh"

    so I call this beyonce aint got nothing on me

    happy new year!!

  20. Hi, my name is Layla. I am here to audition for the part of Vanna White.

  21. i am delurking for this post because as soon as i saw it i thought

    "those aren't spirit fingers...THESE are spirit fingers!!"

  22. also...

    "i've recently joined the happy hands club. let me show you a number we've been working on."

  23. Everybody clap your hands! Haha this is the first thing I thought of..she's ADORABLE! as is Judah. Hope to see you guys soon!

  24. So I immediately (don't know why :)) thought of Ricky Bobby's quote from Talladega Nights... "It felt like I was on a spaceship...uh...I don't know what to do with my hands." :)