after talking to raechel, the yard sale maven herself (hello, kate spade diaper bag, american girl dolls and 2 video monitors all for $5 or less each?!!?) last night about her big day of sales coming up this morning, i felt like i had been infected with a little bit of the deal-finding bug.

what's more, the kids went off to my parents this morning, the fall air was SLAMMING, and jesse and i found ourselves feeling DINKy (double income, no kids) with $20 in our pockets and some adventure on our minds. conditions were perfect and the sale signs were everywhere. we hit 5 sales total in less than an hour after our lunch date (al fresco, with a coupon, amen!). all of these sales were in their wind-down phases (we arent hard core like rae, who gets up bright and early to get the pick of the litters!) but we still did alright.

woody hat: 25 cents

judah is a HUGE toy story fan and even more in love with his hand me down woody action figure. 10% of our day is spent answering the question "where woody hat go?" when we have the rare occasion of actually locating the hat, judah likes to crack everyone up by putting the tiny thing on his head like he's wearing it. so he is gonna pee his little pants to actually have a woody's hat that's his size! he will also break or lose this within a week. but it's worth it!

30 jewelry boxes with padding: $1

we caught this sale as they were closing up. i spotted these and knew right away i could use them when/if i start selling the fabric button earrings in my etsy shop. in fact, i specifically havent listed them yet because i didnt want the headache and expense of having to find and buy good sturdy, protective shipping materials to send them in. this lady had probably 90 of these that she wanted to give me for $2, but the trick about yard sale-ing is to not end up with crap that you dont use and will end up needing to sell or toss one day. so i just filled up a kroger bag and got 30 for $1. it will fit a pair of the earrings and my business card perfectly! if i ever make or sell more than 30 pairs of the earrings, i will regret not getting all the boxes, but for now i'm glad i dont have 90 boxes sitting in my garage.

i found the same amount of these on closeout on etsy for $21.25 after shipping.

girls grey mossimo cardigan: $1

when i couldnt find a tag, the mom tried to tell me this was a 4T, but it looks the exact same size as layla's sweaters for this coming winter. i love that it can be like a longer sweater-dress style for when she's littler and last until its a real cardigan length as she grows. awesome condition and love the gray on little girls. no clue how much the original price was. no doubt it came from target though, so i would guess at least $10.

skil xdrive 18V drill with extra battery and wall-mounted 1-hr charger: $5

doubt i would have even registered this item's existence if my testosteroni other half hadn't been with me, but he spotted it straight away. we have a smaller one of these that came with a huge tool set we got for our wedding (thank you, courtney!) and use it weekly at least, but for bigger projects we often wish we both had power drills so we could work extra speedy instead of taking turns. we made the extra-hyper dad of the sale (i HATE being pitched to at garage sales, "you guys need a TV?" um, if we did dont you think we would be over by your 2 huge old box sets that you want $20 each for instead of looking through your old clothes!?!) show us that everything still worked before forking over the cash. we tried to get him to combine the sweater, woody hat and drill for $5, but he made us pay $6.25 exactly. oh well, can't win em all.

the best i found for this exact same set new online was $148 and used for $70.50 after shipping.

and our tuck and run pedal deal of the day:

instep double bike trailer: $12

we had only $12 cash in our pockets at this point and the sticker on this said $15. we had the mom show us how to hook it up and make sure all the pieces were there. it looks brand new and she even said she only used it 2 or 3 times because her kids learned to ride bikes faster than she had expected. jesse has already test driven it on our bike and its a dream. so excited to head to the park with our little nuggets back there!

i was so nervy as jesse told her we only had $12 and she was deliberating, but when she said, "okay, sure," it was SO thrilling. it is hard for me, the duchess of overshare and honesty, not to jump and cheer and yell, "YES! sucka! we totally would have gone to the ATM to get more money and paid $15!" when one of our haggles works. i am not cut out for subterfuge.

found the exact one on amazon new for $167 after shipping.

did yall find any sweet steals this weekend? brag about them here or link to your blog. i love seeing (aka coveting) others' amazing garage sale treasures!

we are off to a wedding tonight and i am so excited to have a dinner, dancing and romantic night alone with just me and jesse; celebrating the new couple with our friends. also: cake! thank god i'm not ovulating.


  1. hurrah! these are great - and that bike trailer is perfect for the age of your babes right now.


  2. WHOA, that bike trailer is a DEAL. Well done!

  3. you got some GREAT deals, girl!! way to go...rae is such a good teacher, no? ;)

  4. Impressive!!! Makes me want to start garaging again. We couldn't have gotten through 5 children (clothed) without 'em!