3 weeks later...

in the baby book (if there were one) layla's first steps happened on 8/29 right on her 9.5 month birthday (aka way too soon for my taste).

we've been trying since then to catch her in the act on video and she has been elusive, playing a game of cat and mouse with us: strolling all the way across the living room and then as we finally get video rolling, playing possum...sleepy, trippy possum.

but we got her. she still has all the grace of a newly whelped fawn, but chica is on the move. she has a HILARIOUS tendency to go stiff-as-a-board as soon as she starts losing her balance, like she got a wicked petrificus totalus hex put on her by a jealous slytherin, so she needs to learn to recover a little better, but she sometimes gets lucky and puts a string of 10 or 12 steps together.

but this is totally whack. that is a TINY BABY walking around like a human!!! i'm proud that my girl did it faster than my boy (10.5 months) like a true athlete, but i am seriously not ready for this!


  1. WOW! 9 and a half months and she's walking?! totally too early for moi too.

  2. Can't believe I'm just hearing about this!!! Amazing! Cute as a button she is...that must be the sea change we were referring to!!