true confessions of a snacker

so i am going to tell you my favorite snack. it's a tad embarrassing and unconventional. it has been known to make my friends gag. i was introduced to this when i lived in mexico when i was 22. my mexican "mom" would make it for me all the time...not that it's hard, but it was and remains my favorite go-to easy snack.

set phasers to "judge:"

cold hotdogs (not RAW...they come precooked) with lime juice and ground red pepper.

my mexican mom called them "salchichas con limon," or "sausages with lime." jesse just calls them *eyeroll.* they are SO SO SO good. low-cal, no-effort, high protein, low-fat (i usually get turkey dogs) and lots of flavor.

like a big cold baloney stick with wet spicy-sour sprinkles. YUM!

ok so maybe that tagline isn't the best. but everyone can agree that my plates are the bomb though, right?

are you so grossed out? kind of intrigued? any snacking confessions you'd like to make? give it up, yall.


  1. Oooo, way intrigued. My go to is dry instant oatmeal- don't knock it 'till you try it.

  2. i didnt even know you COULD eat dry oatmeal. that actually sounds pretty yum too.

  3. ummm ewww?! totally yucky...but i'd try it just to say i did & i was cool like you.

  4. Growing up my Nana always gave me mayonnaise on saltines - not peanut butter crackers like normal kids but mayo and crackers. I very rarely eat them anymore, but in a snacking emergency I always have that around!

  5. It's the cold part that is a bit sketch sounding, otherwise I would totally eat it. When I was in spain my favorite snack (only had it a few special times) was green olives stuffed with anchovies. Yum

  6. The fact that I don't like hot dogs (Cooked/precooked and/or turkey makes no difference =) kinda makes me biased. The tangy part sounds hopeful =)
    I'd have to say my favorite go-to snack is trail mix... or anything with nuts, granola, chocolate, and fruit in one jar =)
    Buuuuuutttt, since I totally just overindulged two minutes ago in macadamia nut cookies, I'd have to say those are my favorite snack cookie =)

  7. Don't expect this to end up on foodgawker. Maybe if there was a foodgagger, harhar.

  8. Gross! My snacks are normal, fruit protein etc. Oven roasted s'mores are my fav sneaky snack!

  9. oh my goodness. that kinda grossed me out. ok, it really grossed me out =)

    favorite go to snack? cinnamon almonds from trader joes. LOVE them. if i need a protein kick, hard boiled egg or a string cheese with turkey meat rolled around it.

    just wanted to say how much i love your blog. i stumbled upon it one day from raechel's blog (i think!).