life snapshot

it may only be jesse getting attacked from multiple angles in this picture, but i am also feeling a little dog-piled at the moment. the monkey on my back is work: both my real job and sewing, and the little lemur scrabbling to gain purchase on my left flank is running, mothering, blogging, and housework.

the good news is i LOVE all of these things and get to figure out a way to do them all at once. bonus: the hottie actually getting jumped on in the picture above is my #1 draft pick and the best partner i could ask for in this crazy tangle of daily life. lucky girl.

back with more later. including a tutorial (!!!), 3 awesome/easy/cheap DIY projects we've done lately, 3 layla monthly updates that i owe and maybe even a post about how hilarious boobs are.

peace up. a-town down.


  1. You love housework?!? That's nuts. I'm with ya on feeling overwhelmed. Life is crazy. Hang in there!

  2. i hate before and 70% during housework, but then the end and after, i do love. i get a weird sense of pride (that my feminist side tells me to squash) from staying on top of my domestic responsibilities. and i love a good productivity high!