following up: ukreightons, lalabu and waffle

it's a charming habit of mine to write posts that require me to keep you updated or to come back and finish the story later...and then to forget to do that. (are you so charmed?) so today, i try to to tie up the loose ends using all of my rope skills (they are legion). these are actually all things that i asked for (and sooooo got) y'alls help on, so i crazy owe you anyway.

1. the UKREIGHTONS! yall, god went buck wild (as he is wont to do) and raised the money needed for travel and all three adoptions with a quickness! the benefit concert was HUGE and we sold out of t-shirts lickety split.

 the stateside portion of the family rocking their adoption shirts before the concert

greg and ann just got back from their first trip to ukraine. they have a court date and will return there on august 5th and then a week or two later they will go back again (3rd time in a month...you see why this was expensive) to GET THEIR KIDS AND BRING THEM HOME!!!

greg, sofia, natasha, ura and ann

2. LALABU they did it too! our friend (the inventor/designers) raised over $18,000 on indiegogo to fund the first wave of production on their urm-azing new baby carriers. i know lots of yall contributed and got in on some perks (i'm in for 2 carriers...because i expect twins?!?!) and i'm so excited that the first carriers are shipping next month. find out more and order yours today.

how she managed to reproduce the exact same pose again and again is beyond me.

3. WAFFLE! i still kind of cant believe we crowd-funded a freaking kitten. internet, you has weird. now i did post some updates on the waffly-boy that same night, but wanted to give an update on his medical condition here almost two weeks later. thanks to all of yall who chipped in we were able to take him to a real, normal vet and get him worked on. his side wound is healing so well and we go back for a follow-up on it friday. if all looks good and his fever is gone (from the infection) then we can get him snipped and vaccinated. this is so exciting because then he can come inside and live and play. did you know that boy cats whose change purses have NOT been emptied have a charming propensity to SPRAY urine all over everything to mark their territory (i am NOT charmed, nature). so yeah. he's been doing his thing out of doors and treasuring his last days with his jelly beans. 

 snoozing on a broom handle (his bed is nearby...he's just adorably weird.)  i love this tiny guy.

 he is so loving and clingy and affectionate. he follows all member of the family around whenever we got outside. here's a nice shot of the neuter-fodder.

in fact, he's so friendly that he decided to go INTO our dogs fence and introduce himself. we were gardening this weekend and jesse turned around to see waffle in the jaws of our first-born adopted pet, chopper, the huge shephard/chow/lab mutt. it was horrifying. jesse sprinted into the pen while i ever-so-helpfully stood by and screamed. my first thought: "NOOOOO I LOVE THAT CAT!" my second thought, "OMG holy crap, all my friends paid to keep this cat alive and we've almost immediately fed him to our dogs. how embarrassing!"

so waffle is either friendly, stupid or suicidal. lesson learned by us all. thankfully he wasnt hurt at all, chopper had just pinned him down on the ground and most of the scary noises were from him and clifford fighting each other, not eating our newest pet. waffle was completely over it and unphased by the whole ordeal, calmly purring away seconds later while jesse and i came down for our adrenaline hurricanes. 

hell of a thing, that food chain.

layla, disturbingly, kissing waffle's butt.

so there you have it. 3 causes yall championed and rocked. THANK YOU! 

is there any other post that i was supposed to give you a follow up on that i have already forgotten? (besides my failed countdown that never got past #10 and #9 and will likely never be completed).


  1. I'm still waiting to see about that wall...

  2. I'm still waiting to see about that wall...

    1. wait which wall? herringbone?

    2. I think it's in a bathroom...you covered a wall in wood and stained it somewhere in your home.

    3. YESSSS! okay well that one is fresh so i cant be blamed :) actually it started an entire room makeover and we are waiting for one or two big elements. but maybe i shal break it down to just the wall!

    4. And was there more kitchen-ness to be seen? Or did I miss something?

    5. yes very much of kitchenness

  3. You were doing a weight-loss plan of some sort? How's it going??

    1. ugh. yes i sure was. that's about how well it's going...

      i will update!