peep a 'bu!

yall! 3 of my genius designer friends from Georgia Tech have been inventing, refining and basically rockstar-ing this project for the past three years. AND ITS FINALLY HERE!

a year and a half ago i actually helped garrett sew one of the super-rudimentary prototypes. that was the last time i saw the product. and now....oh man...now it is just so much better than my stupid hands could ever make.

what am i talking about? well, it's called Lalabu (unrelated to Layla Boo, but, weird connection, huh?) and it's a baby carrier the likes of which i have never seen before (and i own, have bought, and have made about 9 different babywearing devices).

its a nursing tank and it's a baby carrier all at once and without trying too hard. and when youre not wearing or feeding a baby, its a shirt that doesnt look stupid or all "HEY WORLD I MAKE MILK IN HERE!!!" with all those medieval clasps and such. 

my friends have self-funded this project $25,000 already and they are ready to start production! they have partnered with an american factory and are using indiegogo (like kickstarter) to fund the other $15k they need to get this first run of carriers made.

PAUSE: **i will NEVER put a product on my blog that i dont believe in. while i sometimes get paid for reviewing products, even then it's only for things i would legitimately want to spend my money on or try out under normal circumstances.  i am telling you about lalabu because it's awesome and i think its a perfect fit for yall. straight up; no fluff. i am doing this FOR FREE, without being asked, and not just because these guys are friends (i was prepared to donate to them just bc they're friends but was hesitant to say "hey i'll blog about it!" without really believing in the finished product).** okay. RESUME

i gotta be honest, when i helped garrett with the prototype i was thinking this was kind of just a generic baby bjorn. i was thrilled to help because these jokers are friends, but i wasnt sure, as an actual mom, what kind of edge this thing would have over what was already available. 

after i watched the video for the completed product, i joke you not, i was not only sold on the utility of the carrier but was so stoked that my first insane thought was, "i like this thing so much i need to make a baby to fill it up with!" 

i kicked in $80 to their funding campaign which also scored me 2 preordered lalabu's in my color choice AND a $20 giftcard to their store once it goes live. if they dont raise the $15k, my money comes back....though i will be way sad because i think moms are going to go bonkers over this thing and i want to be all, "yeah, i was in on the ground floor" and braggy. i'm all heart.

here's the coolest part about this business. these fools LOVE jesus. they arent trying to get rich on the milk of new moms (ew...sorry), they are committed to giving back. one day every week they serve exploited women in the atlanta area and $1 of every sale goes to microfinance campaigns targeted at empowering and equipping african women in their business endeavors.

their mission statement is everything; "Our focus is making great baby products and helping women transition into better lives.  We work for new lives."

peep this short video on how cool this thing looks and spy my buddies!:

are you sold like i was? here's a breakdown of what funding Lalabu today can get you (again, if the 15k isnt raised in 30 days, your money comes back...this is more of a preorder than a donation).

Reward levels

i'm so proud of my friends and fellow yellow jackets for following their dream...and then for catching up with that dream, jumping on its back and rocking its socks off. i hope this awesome invention ends up helping tons of yall (or your momsy friends) bond with your babies in a really cool and fun new way. huzzah!


  1. Ok. I'm convinced. Baby due any day now, and I have looked at all of the carriers. I know myself well enough to know that nothing on the market is exactly what I want. I'm going to donate and post to a mothers secret facebook group that I belong to. Would LOVE this!!

  2. Sharing with everyone I know! I love this thing! Maybe my cat would ride around in it. ;)

  3. Keight! Thank you for writing about us. This article made my day. I thoroughly enjoy it :) You're the first person to recommend Lalabu on a blog - so I'd say you have bragging rights if Lalabu catches on. I just shared this on our Facebook page and Lalabu.com.

  4. Looks like a great product. Hope it works out for your friends.

  5. Looks fantastic! No more babies for me, but I will pass the info along. My first thought when I saw they need funding for their first order was "this would be something you'd see on Shark Tank." I think they will do really well. Awesome stuff.

  6. No more babies for me, but I will pass the info along. This looks like a great product and wish it had been around a few years ago. My first thought was "something you'd see on Shark Tank!" Great idea! I'm sure they will do well. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Catching up on the blog today. How have they done reaching their goal?