well, hello there!

evidently i have a blog. could have fooled me...WOCKA WOCKA.

and with that little nugget of comedic gold (GOLD I SAY!), i'm back. 

youre welcome/i'm sorry!

well that was the longest blog break i think i have ever taken when not pregnant/morning sick or encumbered with a newborn. 

so what gives? well i dunno, life. we went on vacation for a week, got a new mattress, tackled a few biggish projects at home, have spent a lot of time on family adventures, have been gardening, and i am working on drafting a digital sewing pattern and that has been taking up a lot of my internet time.  also i just wasnt feeling the bloggy mojo. it happens. 

but i think i'm back and just jam-packed with things to slap yo' eyeballs with.

so with a whispered promise of more focused posts to come, here's a moderate sprinkling of things that dont fit elsewhere.

local berry pickin'. pinkies up, you classless swine!

this turned into 7 lbs of blackberries which turned into cobbler and a TON of amazing fresh blackberry lemonade:


back in another life when we were just fresh-faced soon-to-be-newlyweds, we went to IKEA and bought everything to fill up our new house. we even got our mattress there. at $199 for a king, it was still mega expensive to our little college-budgeting brains. and it felt great to our lithe, spry, fatless bodies.

7 years later, to this shapeless, dimpled dumpling of pain and suffering: no more, i say!

 our old mattress. it brought us low. in all the ways. (the left side is mine. draw what conclusions you will).

cant remember if i blogged this, but jesse broke 2 vertebrae on memorial day. he was at one of those funsie play centers with the mats and the jumping and the angst (church youth event he was chaperoning) and decided to do a double front flip off of a diving board into a foam pit. well i guess one of the following happened: A) the foam needed to be re-fluffed after getting compressed by so many people jumping in. B) there needed to be more foam pieces added to the pit. or C) jesse is 30 years old and over 200 lbs and maybe the pits arent designed for such fragile behemoths. he hit the concrete bottom of the pit and thought he was paralyzed. thankfully just two cracked verts. he is on the mend already. but color me HARROWED!

but in addition to this awesome injury making us think about our sleeping environs, we had both not been sleeping well at all and waking up cranky and achy. i assumed it was just part of the wheels falling off because we're 30 and the grave creeps ever closer, but someone suggested a mattress change. i asked facebook if a quality mattress mattered and HOO BOY did they have something to say about that!

we scooted over to our local mattress firm and snagged a new fella for a deal (which was still like 8x the cost of the IKEA monster) with some sweet no interest financing for half of a forever. it's all been worth it so far. i call our new gemstone a "cloud bombastic" because its amazing.

chica posting up on our new BFF.

judah has been interesting lately. here's where i found him last week:

 sitting. reading. on the trashcan. in the pantraundry room with the door closed. with a donatello mask on as a headband.

i wanted to get back into running more so i challenged myself and anyone on FB/instagram to do a 30 miles in 30 days goal for the month of june. that might not seem like a lot--and it's not if youre a runner (i did 92 miles in july two summers ago and i am the world's worst and slowest at running)--but it was SO cool to have the accountability of the people doing the challenge with me. i hit my goal and loved the feel of sweaty torture again.

sometimes i wouldnt be able to get out to run until after dark due to kids or rain or whatever, but i was so motivated by the little challenge that i made sure it happened. even if that meant looking like this:

i'm for real about SAFETY!

and i just couldnt help myself and bought a few new fabrics for my beach bags. i have made FIFTY of these suckers this year. i usually stick to minimal stripes, zags or geometric prints in fun colors, but i LOVE the idea of this vintage nautical-sketched fabric made into a beach bag. 

AHOY, playas (see what i did there with the spanish?)

ok that's it. i did it. i blogged. ramping it up in the coming days. brace thyselves.


  1. YAYYYYYYYYY! I missed you.

  2. Oh man, I'm glad you are back.

  3. Hello, I love the fabric with boat theme like a sketch up, where can I buy it?

    1. my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/putapuredukes?ref=hdr_shop_menu