i got 9 reasons why my man is #1

jesse is 31 today!!! 

so very them. she: with the blurry loco. he: with the loving adoration

if you couldnt tell from my amazing Blue-Ivy's-dad remix title, here are 9 (because 99 would make me late to pick up my kids) reasons why my husband rocks my face and knocks my socks both firmly into the OFF position..

-that hair. marrying in your early twenties is kind of like buying a pound puppy surprise. youre thrilled just to get one, but how many puppies each momma dog contains is completely unknown to you. so at 22 you could fall for a boy with lush locks, and, barring some genetic intel from his male ancestors, you would have no guarantee that he will have all (or any!) of it by the time he's 30 or 40. well, i am pleased that my pound hubby (but not like that, ew) is rocking a hearty hairline at 31. i wouldnt love him any less without hair, but it's a nice bonus. love the curls, love the color. love it!

-how much he loves being a dad. there are good dads and then there are good dads who ENJOY being dads. i firmly believe these are different things. jesse is obviously the latter. the amount of fun he has with our kids is mind boggling (though sometimes very LOUD) and i could eat it up. if you dont find yourself smiling while you watch this, you have no soul and would be awesome at staring contests i bet.

-he makes AMAZING breakfasts. his specialty is eggs but he is also quite good at your waffle/pancake/french toast category as well.

-jesse is super talented at IT stuff. his degrees are spanish and international affairs, and yet he seems to be able to fix any computer/tv/digital problem that ever comes up at our house. i think he might even know what a subnet gateway mask is...be still my data packets.

-he has big muscular legs. this is great for 2 reasons: one-i like a thick man. and two: i have enough insecurities about my legs without having to see them being bigger next to my husbands. i know skinny girls who have that dynamic with their husbands because some guys just have the most stick-like legs naturally (and not unattractively). 

-he always pumps the gas/takes out the trash/feeds the animals/drives the car. i just like that even though these arent inherently hard jobs for females to do that he takes them so that i dont have to.

-he smells great. even his lived-in-for-two-days shirts smell great. part old spice and part just him-smell. even when he's "stinky" after a workout it's just not that bad.

snuggle in close, the smellin's fine!

-his musical skills. i am spoiled that i get to hear/see jesse sing/play guitar every single sunday as e is a professional worship leader. that never. ever. gets old or loses its magic. i wrote more about it on his 30th and just how much it gets to me. i'm awed by his natural talent, by the hard work he put in teaching himself guitar at 18 and how seasoned he has become as a worship leader (tuning a guitar onstage WHILE praying!?!?!)

-how he loves me. yall, this isnt like a "he's so in love with me" thing. it is sort of, but the part that makes me a lady gone gaga is how he has LEARNED to love me. learned how to bless me in my own weird, totally unique, freakishly-keight way in my role as a wife/mom/human, how to make it easier, make it fruitful, and help me mature. he constantly points me back to jesus and give me a safe, biblical environment to grow into the woman that god wants me to be. it took a few years for him to realize that it wasnt his job to MAKE me that girl himself with reminders or fights or pointing out my shortcomings, but instead to just give me loving, secure roots to ground myself in while jesus grows me. i coudnt BE more grateful for his work in that area and it has BUUUUUUUUUUH-LESSED our family.

i love you jesse, here's to at least 2 more sets of 31 years together! 


  1. SO LOVE THIS POST ABOUT ONE AMAZING GUY THAT I DEARLY LOVE AS WELL. Thanks for the wonderful ways you love and honor him Keight! We rejoice in what God has put together!!!

  2. SO LOVE THIS POST ABOUT ONE AMAZING GUY THAT I DEARLY LOVE AS WELL. Thanks for the wonderful ways you love and honor him Keight! We rejoice in what God has put together!!!