a lamp unto my hall

here is a riveting and comprehensive pictorial history of our hall:
left: builder's white from 2006-2009 right: simmering mochachino (made that one up) from 2009-2012

back in the fall of 2009 i was JUST getting started doing and making and being crafty and creative and this quick paint project made my little heart so happy. well, 3 years and a much different style aesthetic later, i had come to HATE the doo do brown hallway. its horribly lit anyway and the brown was not making things better. if only i was a proctologist, this would be just the living end for me.

so we finally bit the bullet and used a recent date night to tackle the painting of this bad boy. we chose the same gray that is in our sexy new living room just to keep it simple and take away the risk of a brand new color. (if youre keeping score: thats 6 rooms in the house that are gray and 2 that are blue). 

i have also been stockpiling cheapo wooden frames from goodwill and spray painting them white in hopes of putting together a gallery wall made of naptime diaries scripture prints.  i struggle reading my bible and memorizing scripture so having it as visible and eye-drawing in my house seems like a win on several levels.

when the paint was dry it was time to find the gorgeous prints new homes. 

i've seen the pinterest tutorials for gallery walls where you make paper cutouts of all your shapes and practice the layout. that is a million percent the opposite of me. i just start pounding holes into the wall and go from there. so things are a tad willy-nilly (and i will keep adding...ran out of hanging hardware) but i LOVE it.

 another view with the two on the other side of the hall entry (i told you the lighting situation is undesireable in there)

 the view coming out of our bedroom (and into the fray)

 my most favorite frame/print combo (its not dingy, i'm just dumb at cameras somehow)

ALL of the children in this house must walk in the word. even those made of cabbage

 i feel like keeping our eye on the jesus ball is going to be important in raising this one. so...this is fitting



  1. Thank you deeply for the idea to use date night as a time to paint things. i'm sure my husband will be thrilled.

    And also for sharing layla's hairdo with the world. because those are some awesome bangs and pigtails.

  2. That looks great! I am so over the dark room colors! Glad that trend is out.

  3. Love, love, love the makeover and Layla! She looks just.like you. in that photo! Love her sweet hair!!

  4. Love, love, love the makeover and Layla! She looks just.like you.! Love her sweet hair!!