after party

layla turns two on wednesday.

we had a teensy family party at our house yesterday. i was a typical first time mom with judah and had actual party-parties for his 1st and 2nd birthdays...despite the fact that he was essentially clueless.  so until layla learns enough english to to tell us what she's into (like monster trucks or swimming), we just go low-key and DONT turn insane and murder everyone, as is my tradition while hostessing anything for more than 10 people. charmed, i'm sure.

well layla was ready for a nap a good 2 hours BEFORE the party and then kept upright only by cousins, cake and presents. 

so heavens to mergatroid, when we tried to get some family photos as folks were leaving, she was NOT having it.

and in the midst of attempting to coerce a smile out of her (there are a good 5 family members dancing behind the camera for her entertainment, we managed to extract a few GEMS that go pretty far towards capturing in one frame what our typical family life looks like:

aw.  poor, scary, everyone.

 judah afraid, layla's enraged and i'm a freak, but look how hot my hair looks!

 a picture that looks 90% acceptable live right on the edge of a full blown meltdown, if youre brave enough to go after it...its waiting for you there.

she turned on me here. baring her belly and going for my throat. 

 she wins. every time. i defy anyone to top the flashing throttler that is my little princess terminator.  girlfriend is FIERCE! 


  1. Presidential Election... oh, sorry... you said no comments that will foster hatred or dissension :)

  2. Happy birthday Layla!! I have such fond memories of intense blog-stalking, waiting for the big announcement.
    And now get ready for all the new baby pressure, since you've so effectively advertised your not-until-Layla-is-two policy! ;) (None from me though...shoot. Y'all have your hands full!)

  3. I'm not sure how I came across this blog...I think it was Pinterest, but just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your writing style. And also, that top photo of you and your family is GOLD!
    All the best.