i needed a very non-thanksgiving meal last night. we have been eating mayflower-ish food since wednesday the 14th (at judah's preschool feast) all the way through this weekend. we had 5 different events that were for the season in 11 day, with several belt-notches worth of leftovers bridging the gaps on off-days.

now, if i see another casserole i will probably casse-hurl.

so i made my [newly] reigning favorite sandwich of all time (just discovered a few weeks before the turk-pocalypse). 

the sweet & spicy caramelized onion BBQ grilled cheese (recipe here):

y'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall... just, yall. 

somehow, there is no bacon on this thing and i dont even miss it. but it's probably also the only extra ingredient i would allow someone to suggest adding without being offended in my soul. because, this thing....it's perfection as is.

just eat it.


  1. I made this last night and my hubs rated it Top 5- rare in my home. Well done K8.

    1. oh, be still my cheese-clogged heart! i am SO happy to have spread the gospel of this sandwich to you. anything that makes a husband notice a recipe is gold indeed. thank you so much for trusting!