odds and ends

i hate a dangling loose end, and right now i feel like there are about 17 of them tickling my brain, so in the interest of ridding myself of these mental dingleberries, here is a list of things:

1. august vavoom is over and maryann won with a staggering 502 points. that's bananas and works out to the equivalent of running 6 miles...every day...for a month. so yeah. kudos aplenty! (for reference, i came in 14th place).

2. do we want an october vavoom?

3. our ongoing living room transformation is coming along in eye-meltingly splendid fashion. i cant even believe the khaki nightmare we have escaped from and that i ever let me children dwell in such a space.

while i'm not quite ready to let yall see the full monty, here are some sneaky peeks of it in-progress in the background of pics of the kids.

there are striped accent walls and herringbone involved!!!

and also a rug of superior plushness...and a baby girl who is just the gooberiest little love chunk you've ever seen. honestly

4. the lily of france giveaway ended and the winner was susie! congrats and enjoy that $100 visa giftcard, baby. (and just so that you hate her, susie also won the double braided scarf giveaway last year. play on, playa!)

5. the caption contest: well played everyone! here were my favorite few runners up that captured the moment best in my opinion:

"Layla, I'll give you anything you want. Just tell us what you did with the iPad.
Your mom has Etsy orders piling up, a blog to maintain and our dinner recipe is from Piinterest!"

"What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

In which Layla's been burned too many times by "down low, too slow."

these were all awesome but were just edged out by a caption that had dickens AND ghetto fabulousness:

"Oliver, boy you crazy if you thinking I'm giving you any more soup!"

email me, whitney, with what colors you want for your scarf, guuuuurl. 

6. i have been social media'ing this deal like crazy, but in case you missed it, there's a living social deal for a $10 starbucks card for just $5. as a recent convert to the bean myself, this was exciting news and a must-grab deal.

7. my first ever tog + porter box has shipped and is on its way to me! i wrote here about giving T+P a shot after a few stitch fix disappointments. i am SO excited to get the stuff and try it all on and then debrief with my stylist, emily, on skype. and of course to awkwardly photograph myself and share the gooey details with you.

8. i wrote here about how judah learned to swim without us teaching him, but finally caught some video proof of it on labor day. he's quite talented but also hilariously self-doubting and precious. we are okay with him wanting us extra close in open water situations as a 3.25 year old. 

9. check out the guest post by odwalla here. its a quick video talking about healthy lunch options for kids and highlighting odwalla's new juice-box-sized smoothies that are not from concentrate and packed with great stuff. an awesome option for lunchboxes!

10. when we get around to repainting our hallway (because the dark brown + the confined dimensions make me feel like i am in a working colon; and who needs that!?!), these babies are going to be plastered all over. 

jesus + quality design = bazinga! i'm betting these gorgeous prints from naptime diaries will help even my old brain remember scripture in a fresh new way. and to celebrate the new shop, enter FRESH coupon code at checkout for 30% off your whole order. yippee!

okay! my brain already feels so much more fresh and clean-clean. onward bloggy soldiers!


  1. Ahhh! Herringbone!!! That's one of the couch textiles at the top of my wishlist. Can't wait to see it in person. It's looking amazing and oh so much more Dukesy. Well done. Any color ideas for the hallway?!? (Maybe a bold statement color?? Hmm...)

    Umm, those printables are amazing. I wish I had the skillz to make those myself. But really, that's pretty darn cheap. Can't wait to have my own house to adorn.

  2. Your new couch looks a lot like one we looked at! Ours is still being made or waiting ship, or something that is keeping it from gracing our living room with its presence and I am on pins and needles! But I think I'm going to need commission you to make me some of those cute pillows of yours, or tell me where you found them! :)

  3. the sofa + walls look, in your words, "amaze balls!"