the floor installer men finished on friday faster than i would have believed possible and jesse sent me these cell phone pics of the after beauty:

not even believing the improvement

these make me wanna shoop

just beyond.

i knew there would be a lot of brown going on in the room once the floors were down, but i didnt realize just HOW overwhelming the color would be.

the khaki monster was eating us, just like its cookie namesake might devour an oatmeal raisin treat.

so in true keight fashion (impulsive, getting in over my head, etc), just based on the first cell pics of the room, i went out and snagged 5 paint samples before i even got home to see the camel-lama-ding-dong scenario in person.

rest assured that all of my choices were firmly in the COOL and BRIGHT color palate because we are so ready to bust out of the warm, flesh toned womb that our color scheme had rendered our living room:

if you say, "hey, 5 whites!" I WILL DIE. these are all very different colors. dont you dare call these white. we have oyster, palladian, tsunami sky, harbor and crystalline.

tsunami sky won (its a super light gray...making 5 out of 7 of the rooms in our house a gray color!) and we got started that night at 11 pm after coming home from a party (because, we have terrible judgement).

in progress.

we got 70% of the room done that night before i almost passed out from the fumes (which led to me taking a snack break outside and accidentally plowing an entire bag of snap pea crisps. the fumes made me do it!!!)

we rallied on sunday night and knocked that baby OUT:

again....call this white and i will FIGHT YOU. just look at the trim or doors to see the contrast between white and tsnami sky, fools!

we definitely need to refresh the trim with some new bright white glossy; it's gotten so dingy over the years and sharpening it up will make the wall color pop all the more.

and then we will also want an area rug to anchor the furniture a little bit, add some softness, and break up the huge section of bare floor.

this cant happen soon enough for jesse. check out the text he sent me as soon as the kids played on the floors for the first time:

raising children is pretty much as terrifying as being in jurassic park.

also, per my note above, the beloved couch is on its way out (not layla. she is never leaving my loving clutches). we went to rooms to go on thursday night after judah revenge-peed on this couch during a tantrum. we tried to salvage it, but when we opened the cushion, the stuffing pretty much disintegrated in the daylight like a vampire. we thought it would be a good time to invest in a nice new sofa that goes with the new color scheme (and has a nice fold-out bed for guests!).

we never would have bought the plaid couches, because its not really our style, but my parents gave them to us when we got married. besides being free, they were ultra-comfy and faithful to us over the years. they had been with my family forEVER. i have distinct memories of sitting on them years before i ever shaved my legs...so that's some indication.

the colors in the couches were what made us paint the walls such a warm color back in 2008, so it makes sense that going to a cool color would mean they dont work anymore. and their flagrant clashing right now is further proof that it was time for a change.

so we honor the plaid's faithful service and wish it the best (likely this means incineration) as we welcome in the new, neutral blood of the wunderkind couch arriving later this week.

we will have to do some more utilization of the vertical space now that i have (at least temporarily) removed the shelves and all their horrifying worthless tchotchkes, but i want to go slow here and make sure we love whatever it is. beautiful or useful things, only.

here's the full impact of the turnaround:

i am falling hard for this room now. but, i'm not crazy. this is a huge improvement...no?

thank you SO much mom and daddddddddd!


  1. I love it! We have a similar plaid couch as well as a blue one that we slip-covered with a dark red to match the plaid a bit better (hand-me-downs from each of our parents!). But we ordered a new couch several weeks ago and are anxiously awaiting its arrival! We painted the room a light grey (Benjamin Moore Moonshine) not long after we moved in, and it's a huge improvement but the couches clash so badly.
    So excited to see your final after!

  2. awesome! So much brighter in there! I'm always thinking lighting for photography :)

    Keight, these floors, those walls, your crazy start a project at 11pm: they all warm my heart muchly.

  3. That room looks ah-may-zing. I have complete home-reno envy now.

    We're in a really, really awesome rental (brand-stinkin'-new, even) but it has that overwhelming flesh-tone thing going on. The floors in it are fantastic, but the wall color makes it feel like you're in a big cardboard box all the time.

    Counting down the nine months until the hubs finishes his degree and we can buy/renovate-the-heck-outta our own place. Nine months. Nine months. Nine months.

    Happy Monday, Keight!


  4. Love it!!! It is a huge improvement. Beware! Tricia liked coloring on walls. Think your kids will try to color on the floor????? Can't wait to see what the mouse (your reference) does with the cookies and milk...don't get distracted like him! Love you! Love your creativity! Aunt Jo

  5. Love it! Can't wait to see it with the new couch!

  6. I love the wall color! It complements & balances the fireplace/floor combo perfectly. Nice choice. I can't wait to see your new couch!!!!

  7. [arrgh...I never know if a comment was submitted or not after I type it and log in and it brings me back to this page. so I'll write it again.] I love the wall color! It perfectly complements and balances floor/fireplace combo. I can't wait to see your couch!!!