here are a million awesome things about our weekend past. with photographic evidence. ready, set go.

jesse and i had a date night thanks to free monthly childcare provide by a local church. we took the van because pimpin' dont take the weekend off, yall.

we had a coupon at dinner and to be able to use it, we had to spend a certain amount. this leads to me + a cocktail. jesse never objects to me getting a drink and him not getting one because i am a massive lightweight who drinks maybe once a month and one good gin & tonic (plus a side of ginger ale to mix into it because i'm classy) makes me handsy, effusive and warm.

mcklayla is not impressed

but i am impressed by her bellying up to a barstool, knocking back a GLASS of OJ and rocking a stately pinky.

i fell deeper in love with this blurry blonde nugget.

i put together another outfit of my own that makes me feel like a million bucks. (and some proof that judah is still existent and beloved).

cranked out a few boppy covers

a trio of jewelry rolls joined the party

snapped this GEM of one sassy lady putting out the vibe in her awesome new hand me downs from her buddy reagan.

hung out at the amazing home of an even more amazing family from our church.

the kiddos shockingly shared AND we all got to see judah swim with NO FLOATIE for the first time! (my mom has been teaching him all summer when he stays with my folks, but for obvious reasons, she hadnt video'd it). it was insane to see the little fishy jump off the diving board and motor right over to me on the ladder since he has only ever been in a floatie or our arms in the water. bananas! last year we outsourced potty training to my folks and this year swimming! having teacher-parents is kind of the best. (update: we finally caught it on tape here).

we loved our saturday night hostess's potatopes so much that i made my own version for lunch sunday. this was the entirety of the meal. balance: it's not for everyone.

i had my skype session with my stylist, emily, from Tog +Porter. i am not skype savvy, (for aforementioned reasons of looking like ghostbusters villains on webcam) but i wanted to grab a screen shot of us in action without looking like a creeper--i had no clue how much she could see of what i was doing on my end--so i just blindly and sneakily hit the button once and didnt even check it until afterwards. this beauty was what i captured: both of us looking dubious and scared. dont worry, emily is awesome and i pretty much just want a service (fashion or cosmetic surgery) that makes me look exactly like her. the end.
and this evening we went back to church for the first ever fellowship meal in the new building. there were over 300 people there and it was beyond fun. there were FIVE TABLES of potluck desserts. i had thirdsies. including banana pudding which i usually hate, but was won over by individual chessman cookies on each portion...sweet moses.

layla evaded jesse for a hilarious length of time on this expansive plot of land to the side of the church.

wow. that's a lot of things. no wonder i needed 8 desserts at the end of the weekend..

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  1. That picture of Layla is a new favorite. Good grief she's a firey one.