my frisky DIY genes couldnt resist. i had to get in on the carpentry action. i at least needed to see what it was all about so i could know exactly how much i needed to be putting out in thanks and adulation to jesse for all of the projects he has been dominating.

the answer: lots. i need to be putting out lots. this junk is not hard, per se, but it is tedious and requires attention to detail, focus and perseverance. these are not my strongest of suits (my strong suits are giving nicknames, being impatient, and getting bitten by mosquitoes).

i tried a really beginner project that was $12 total, for an ultra-beginner, and shouldn't have taken too long: a teeny preschooler-sized picnic table. (p.s. we get almost all of our plans and inspiration from ana white's blog. it used to be called knock-off wood which was the best punny name ever, but no more it seems. either way, it is AMAZING!!!!!).

it took me a little longer than it should have (about 2 hours) because i tried to cut some corners thinking i, the seasoned carpentress of at least 45 minutes) was more clever and efficient than the lady who wrote the plan (aka the one who built her. own. house). classic keight.

but i got back on track and completed it much to my happy surprise. there are at least 10 extra holes in the wood from my mess-ups, but wood filler heals hides all wounds. and the happiest surprise was when the instructions said to check for square halfway through because it was CRUCIAL that it be so. typically when i hear a stern warning like this in any project i do, i know i am going to fail but continue plowing on regardless. well, i was thrilled to see that everything was square and i had passed the test.

yeah, just a little something i built. constructed, wood-fillered, sanded and shining in the light of his glory. on easter sunday, no less.

a hearty 2 coats of behr's exterior paint in "blue jewel" and we have a happy little place for our tiny friends to enjoy a snack.

or to REALLY enjoy a snack

or to sort out their shopping.

or to have a tea/eggplant party together!

due to such circumstances as a mean callous forming on my drill-hand and sawdust buildup in crevices i wasnt aware that i possessed, i think i will let jesse jump in the deep end of the carpentry hobby, and i will just dip a toe in when conditions are perfect and mostly stay inside behind my sewing machine. but i do feel seriously empowered! the internet is a wonderful place for learning. if you can read, you can do almost anything.

onward, friends! the world and the backyard are beckoning.


  1. Wow great job! Love the colour too, so bright and cheery! It sure feels good to build things for our kids, doesn't it.

  2. And here I thought because I threaded my sewing machine and loaded my bobbins AND sewed some zigzag stitches (and taught myself how to turn corners)that I was a badass. Guess not :)! You rock!

  3. Shut the front door! That is one bad ass picnic table.

    Question...what is the necklace that Layla is always wearing? Any significance?

    And you're right...Judah must really not like to wear pants.

    1. Baltic amber teething necklace. You can google it for more info.

    2. yup thats what it is! its some earth-mam hippie natural remedy for teething pain that some moms swear by. i dont know how much it helps. she DEFINITELY drools less than judah did, but she also went from 2 teeth at 5 months to 4 teeth at 17...so maybe it works by stopping teeth from growing? ;) i mostly just think its adorable and goes with everything, and it helps people know shes a girl (even though i would put one on a boy too probably...and people would think he was a girl bc thats what people do.)

  4. Oh my word. I want one. Love the color and the size and everything about it.

  5. I am no obsessed with Ana's blog. I am also convinced that I can now make everything on her site, even though I'm more comfortable wielding a whisk than a saw. We'll see.

    (I'm Ashley, by the way. I would say I don't creep and read your blog, but I do. Is it still creepy now that I have introduced myself?)

  6. Keight. Dukes. I need to copy you... that is the most adorable thing I've seen.

  7. You're over the top, K8!! This is Fantastico!!! Amazingnest! Fabuloso!
    I'm seriously impressed even though I don't ever remember having an urge to jump in with Jesse's dad (at least not in woodworking!)

    You make my head swoon with what you can accomplish!