anything i can do...

...he can do better.

seriously. my reign as DIY champion of the family has come to an end.

jesse dukes is a renaissance man. i have never seen him outright suck at anything. except for maybe a contest on who could drink a thick milkshake through a straw fastest. in that instance, he got 1st place in sucking.

with almost zero prior carpentry training or experience, and on a whim thanks to a pinterest rabbit hole of inspiration from me, he whipped up these 2 beautiful WIP's (works in progress) this weekend that will increase the value of our home, save us thousands of dollars versus buying pre-made, and provide us with muchisimo enjoyment. plus a healthy dose of wifely adulation from me and a testosterony feeling of accomplishment from himself.

stay tuned to see these projects in their completed glory and for much (much) more from my foxy woodsmith. now that i know he has these skills, i have opened up a pandora's box's worth of ideas for him to bring to life for me (including a gorgeous wooden, hinged, pandora's box).

*it behooves me to mention that jesse's dad helped him a bunch by loaning him special tools, advising him and even working on the project by himself when we had to leave for a bit on saturday. i love my father in law.

*and speaking of in-laws, happy birthday to my most favorite mother in law on the planet. i love you, linda!


  1. So fun K8! Chris is building us a porch - started this past weekend. Can't wait for it to be done! :) I'm in the same boat though - now that I know Chris has these mad skills, I'll be coming up with carpentry projects left and right!

  2. I feel the same way about my husband. It's positively maddening how multi-skilled I have discovered him to be. If he ever got into interior decorating or sewing, or finding good deals on cloth diapers, I think my whole self-identity might be shattered. These are about the only skills that remain wholly in my dominion between the two of us.

  3. can he come do that in our backyard!

  4. ooh - this furniture is going to look great!

  5. Oh how I've missed your crativiness with nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc. while I've been on vacation (literally and from most devices.) Had so much to catch up on! Just sending continued amazement your way on the luscious details re the fam, food, friends, etc. I missed you!

  6. this is incredibly impressive.

  7. !!!!LOVE!!!! This is what I want to do to our patio on the back of our home, but sadly my hubby is not as handy as yours, and I'm definitely not paying the thousands of dollars it costs for a pre-manufactured one. Maybe Jesse can tutor my hubby??