enjoying it while it lasts

sorry to be so MIA up in here lately, but life has been really good and full lately and we are busy out living it up.

blogging regularly (and more deeply) is a majorly cathartic and therapeutic practice for me. so when i dont find myself making time for it or needing, it's usually a great thing because i am feeling awesome enough to forego this particular therapy.

such is the case now.

this is how we are feeling lately. it's a happy, blurry, whirlwind of fun

my kids are reaching new levels of hilarious and fun-to-be-around:

i mean, really

our tiny house feels like exactly where we need to be investing our time, money and memories,

getting in DEEP with my next home improvement project

we are making time (slowly but surely) to invest in our the relationships that are close to our home and to our hearts:

uncle jake the sea monster is chasing the pirate judah (who decided to strip down on the coldest and windiest day of spring)

i am learning more about my brokenness and jesus' healingness every week in my RYH class, and our marriage has seriously never been better (no pictorial proof of THAT phenomenon, but trust me it's hot and awesome).

also the weather is great...that sounds a little lameballs next to all the preceding goodness of the soul, but it's still true and it is a major contributor to NOT wanting to be on the computer a minute longer than it takes to look up a ribs recipe or art project.

*that is the black stroller handle on my right hip. my saddlebags arent that deep (i almost fainted when i first saw this)

most days you'll find us playing hard:
pigging out:
hanging around:
and then crashing hard:

i know we grow and get stretched the most when we are in the valley, and that life cant always be lived at the summit, but that doesnt mean i dont still find myself wishing to build my house on the mountain top and just stay forever.

bible reference. 30 bonus points. blammo.


  1. And here I was thinking you weren't here because you were puking from first trimester goodness. Dang! Oh well. Happy life is good, too.

  2. glad to see y'all having a blast!

    also, i had a blue picnic table when i was a kid!! best thing ever!

  3. Wow! Awesome post! Seeing Jesus in all of your words! BTW- It took me forever to find the organization RYH is through! It is great site full of wonderful resources. THanks for the info on that!

  4. loved reading about your happy and improving sexy marriage life .... uber good !!!

    went out to eat with Paige and friends last night and had an amazing time at a little china bistro Chanks to you!!!