mas bops

since going live with these in my etsy shop (i made a new shop banner for myself after seeing my old one promoted on raechel's blog and having major shame!), i have gotten a handful of new orders for boppy covers. i am REALLY loving making these for folks and i fall in love with all of the new fabric combos that my customers select...so i have to show them off so they can live on forever.

so pretty! this customer is being induced today so i had to rush deliver it. there could be a tiny brand new baby on it right now! i think this is just a flipping lovely fabbie combo.

this customer special ordered this cover with some fabrics i didn't have on hand so she paid extra to get them. these are so cool and funky! retro boom boxes and cassettes. judah came up while i was making this and said "robot," which is what he calls all things mechanical and unknown. i went to correct him and tell him what a cassette actually was and then realized that there is virtually no reason for him to learn that word right now since he wont encounter a cassette tape until history class in school probably. so sad! why am i 87 years old?!? i pity him that he will never know the joy of getting a real mix tape or the frustration of waiting through a rewind!

probably my favorite ever (ignore the dots from my insert showing through). they got the personalization add-on, and man it looks great. i am going to have to start charging more for that addition because it's so much work, but it looks sharp, yo! i just love these two fabrics together...so much so that i ordered a bunch more to make more of these gems.

that's all for me. a tiny bit of handmade fabric sparkle for your friday. enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. Love! These are beautiful! Have you experimented with different fonts for the applique names? I think it'd be so cute in Century Gothic. My best friend Lisa made me a boppy cover when Annabel was born and I think it was my favorite handmade item of everything I received. She made mine out of flannel, which was fabulous because it was so soft and slightly absorbent for the inevitable liquid baby contributions. :D

  2. cute... and looove the new banner!!!

  3. those are amazing! where were you when i was having my babies? it *almost* makes me wish another was coming so i could justify buying one...but not quite :) also, my moms mini van has a tape player so she plays them for my kids. i am super thankful for cds since my 18 month old knows how to pull the darn reel out every single flipping time he gets his grubby hands on them!