oh my gosh, i might be ashamed of myself for that post title, but also am secretly delighted by it. drink ye not the haterade, beloveds. just immerse yourself in the delicious lameass pun and let it transport you.

vacation. we had a bliz-zast. there were challenges, but these were way outnumbered by the tremendous amounts of laughter and memories made.

a sampling...


we all gave it a hearty, sunkissed, salt-stained 2 thumbs up. thusly, now we are giving things 4 heads down. as in, on our pillows.

i love getting away and being in the alternate reality of vacation land, where you dont have to wear makeup, eat vegetables (seriously, i may have scurvy) or remember what day it is, but i am also secretly delighted to be back.

home field advantage is a HUGE thing with a 2 year old and 8 month old and i am pumped to be shoving them back into the cozy confines of a ROUTINE! lil' mofos been running/crawling wild all week with a shared bedroom, wacky bedtimes, bonkers diets and some questionable behaviors that we may have let slide in the name of , "oh it's vacation."

a laid back beach bum mama, i am not. but i can pretend for a good 6.5 days. as long as you keep shoving fried oysters in my mouth and letting me read my dragon books.

glad to be back.


  1. i LOVE the pics. they look soooo good!!!!!!! so glad you had a good time. hope you can get some rest now!

  2. Glad to have you back! You were missed by the Myerseses. Also, great pics! I love that first one!

  3. GREAT pic of you and Jesse--love the sassy nails! (hess)

  4. OMG, Layla's outfit! ADORABLE!!!

  5. beautiful beautiful people.

  6. glad to have ya back, keight!! & glad God blessed your with a great vacay with the fam.