this is the face of an infant UTI.

so yeah, her test was positive. there is a 40% false positive rate for UTI's since contamination is so easy with a bag-urine test, but the only way to be sure was to catheterize her, and no thank you, we'll just take the antibiotics and not stick tubes in her organs unless absolutely necessary. if it was a false positive then she would have just had a tummy virus causing the diarrhea and fever, but if that were the case judah, jesse or i would have probably had it at some point and, i can definitely vouch that that is not going on.

she is doing much better, symptom-wise. we are finally seeing real poop and not just the liquid formerly known as poop in her diaper. and her fever seems to be gone as we have spread her doses of ibuprofen/acetaminophen out farther and she doesn't immediately start boiling. she is just a bit sleepier than usual. so these side-effects of the UTI are subsiding as the pink meds kill the bacteria.

we'll go back to the doctor when she finishes her antibiotics and then we'll get the kidney x-rays and then possibly be referred to a urologist. when a UTI shows up with such a high fever in infants, they like to make sure it's just a freak bacteria thing and not an underlying internal issue.

just wanted to update everyone who was concerned for her and left such sweet comments, texts and fb messages asking about her.

urine-free posts coming soon!


  1. Glad you got to the bottom of things and that she's feeling better. Poor gal!

  2. sarah mclendon7/26/11, 10:16 PM

    Random thought but do they think the UTI could have been caused or started as a result of the beach and wet bathing suits and in lots of water? Just wondering if that might be a possibility! I'm probably way off, but popped into my head as soon as I read this.

    So glad she is feeling better!!!

  3. I got 6 UTIs in 2 months right after I got married (go ahead and feel free to insert awkward "now you're having lots of sex jokes just like my whole family did) and it didn't make my eyes half as pretty as hers. Poor dearie! Glad she is bouncing back and hope it was just a one-time thing.

  4. hahahahaha wardfam! i was making the joke in my head AS i read your invitation to do so. perfection. get it girl!

    and sarah, i think thats more for yeast infections than UTI's right? that what i remember being told in PE about wet bathing suits, at least. plus, girlfriend has a diaper on 24/7 so she's use to the wet underroos. i think? who knows. must get knowledge from my doc.

  5. Sorry!!! When Tonya was a baby she had LOTS of kidney problems. She still gets the occastional infection. NO BATHS!!!! Baths are not good with infections...they also can cause them. FYI--love ya!