what came out of the pool

so, about that baby pool that a ton of yall entered? maybe i would have been more enthusiastic about posting the results if i hadn't gotten 60th farking place out of 70 entries. oh yeah, i am SO in touch with my body. i only beat out 10 people! (including one college friend goober who guessed i was having a boy). but i wont mock anyone in the basement with me because they ended up there because they thought i'd have a small baby before my due date, sweet angels that they are. so much for that though. thanks anyway, kind ones.

you could have clicked the link on the sidebar at any time, so this might not be news to you but here's how we broke it down:

length (10 penalty points for every inch you were off by): since they only let you pick whole numbers so there wasnt a ton of variation. here are the folks who nailed it on the head. they all knew we had a lady long legs in the making.

hole in one! get it, girls!

in the weight division (5 penalty points for each ounce you were off by), 2 folks got the pounds and ounces right on. way to go mikki and tiffany! fun facts: mikki had a precious baby boy 3 months after judah was born (in a home water birth!) and tiffany was our bradley birth teacher (whose teaching came in handy BOTH births) and also had a baby girl at home at the end of october. they knew their stuff i guess, even though i had thought they were cruel for guessing i would birth an 8-pounder. 4 more folks came within an ounce.

forgot to crop my screen capture so you can see that my favorite excel spreadsheet has been updated for the new year: dukes budget!

and then the birthday portion (5 penalty points for each hour you were off by, OUCH) ended up with 4 people nailing it and my college teammate (and youngest/hottest head coach currently in ncaa volleyball) lauren coming within 4.5 hours:

please note the wilson girls at #9 and #11. precious. and true. but i love courtney too.

so the birthdate was a big one. you could be off on the length by 3 inches and earn less penalty points than being off by just 7 hours on the birthday, which, for example, is why marisa, who was in the top 3 of length and weight, but got 48th in birthdate and time, didn't crack the overall top ten.

here are the top 19 overall (because thats the most i could fit on my screenshot):
those most in touch with my uterus. be so proud, yall.

way to go alexis!! only 103 penalty points! i guess she got all the pregnant-chick pregnancy-guessing smarts (she is expecting a baby boy this spring) since i sure didn't (60th PLACE!?!). if you weren't a part of the illustrious 19 you can find your ranks here.

of the 4 people present at layla's birth, jesse (29th place) beat out lena (50th), adrienne (57th) , and me (60th...remember?). hahaha i guess proximity to or familiarity with with my birth canal didn't give any additional clairvoyance.

thanks for playing everybody! next time (like YEARS from now...though i did read a birth story today that actually had me wanting that moment again. CRAZYPANTS!) i think we'll try to hold out on the gender until the birth so that will be a fun addition to the game too. so yeah, look forward to that!

i got many an LOL over the "who i am" portion of the baby pool. yall are funny. well played.


  1. the who am i was my fav part.

  2. Danielle Hartley1/13/11, 11:12 PM

    coming in proud at #13

  3. I don't care what place I came in; I'm just thrilled I got to be apart of Miss Layla's birth. ;-) Love the Dukes family!!!