big pumpin'

snuggled warm in bed after a looong night of sewing for a customer and blissfully drifting off when it hits me (like a gentle indian sunburn on the inside of the mammo's to be specific) that i forgot to pump before bed. if i don't get up and do it now i will be exploding by 6 am when she next wakes up, and will have slammed on the brakes of the supply for the rest of the day (supply and demand is how milk production works, fyi).

she last ate at 10:15. if the last two weeks are any indication, chunky monkey's metabolism can feast on the calories stored up in one of her six chins when it needs a nightcap and no longer needs to return to the well (endowed) until morning.

so i guess there's the teensy downside to having a baby who decided to start sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old with zero prompting. heck, i'll take it though.

they say when you pump you should think of your baby or even look at a picture of them or smell something they've worn to get the milk-making hormones going and make it more realistic. here' are two of my faves for accomplishing optimum output (and for seeing how much a baby changes in 7 weeks):

7 weeks old. miss blurry hand wouldn't sit still. she is a precious gummi bear here

6 days old. i gave birth to a cherub. yeah this one works bigtime

sometimes a recent pic works best, but sometimes the nostalgia pic really gets things going. either way: Must. Keep. Milking. So its 1am and i'm off to get some action from my part time lover: medela.

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  1. Wait...she's already sleeping all night? No, we can no longer speak. I'm dying over here. And Babywise doesn't know crap...they still aren't sleeping more than 4 hours following their stupid plan.