Man this kid has me straight smitten. Every one of her moods and faces wins another chunk of my heart. I thought she already had it all, but it keeps growing!

Pics and blogging from my phone with two apps i am just learning (and loving): blogpress and instagram.

Unsure and uneasy: adorable

Cheeky and content: irresistible (literally couldn't keep my hands off)

Fat and happy: squnchable

Chatty and engaged: kissable

All time fave: sorry no more pics because I had to eat her up when she did this.


  1. oh she is so snuggable!! I always love to kiss the under the neck rolls.

  2. she is so yummy. those cheeks absolutely kill me!

  3. OOOOHHHHH-I"m missing her, and that adorable face. Need some neck kisses as well. Have got to plan a date night for you two so we get the grands. Thanks for the pics in the meantime!

  4. Just beautiful Keight!! You and Jesse make beautiful babies! Can't wait for the next one. ;-)