SBI from the phone

we went on a last minute post-christmas trip to seabrook island, sc with my parents. they have a condo there, but it's a one bedroom so they gave us a huge gift and rented another 2 bedroom place right up the street from their place. it was so fun. it snowed the entire 6 hour drive, but the kids were amazing and we only had to stop once. my mom got a crazy cheap deal on our place that never should have been possible for such a sweet setup:

here are a few camera phone pictures that i got during vacay (because i cant find our good camera cord and because these are pretty flipping random and spectacular):

she should not have been let out of the house in a top this low cut showing this much cleavage

we were floored when we passed these on the highway. straight dumbfounded at the size of what vehicle they must be made for. apparently these go on this behemoth

ordered fried oysters. got a pearl. amazing! cant believe it survived the shucking, battering, frying and eating processes. the squash and spinach casseroles yielded nothing but delicious calories (despite my mom getting a tad confused and telling the waiter, "she found a pearl in her spinach!")

judah will not stay out of layla's carseat. even when she's in it, he climbs in and lays his head on her tummy. when she's NOT in it, its an awesome jungle gym. here he discovered another use besides rocking, falling off of and getting clocked in the head by the handle like the three stooges. pop pop obliges.

the decor in our condo was...mmm...doggy. there were framed photo montages of their pets everywhere. this gem was my favorite. the athleticism, the wind in his hair. majesty.

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  1. I left the country for two weeks... I missed your blog and my crackberry the most! xxoo :-)