les jeux olympiques 2024?

layla dukes attempts to capture the gold by executing a double twisting double layout during the all-around competition.

salute the judges


she completes one rotation...

stays tucked through the second

and she sticks the landing!

a perfect ten score. fist pump

victory dance

post game interview: "layla, this is a picture of you taken before your event, you look nervous. tell us, were you?"

"ok, maybe just a little"


  1. K8, you're awesome! Glad you're entertaining yourself and all of us while you're on leave! In the 'tucked' picture, she especially looks a lot like some of Jesse's baby pictures.

  2. This is absolutely amazing

  3. LOVE these pictures and the ones of the leggings! In the leggings pix, Judah looks like he is giving her all kinds of worldly advice. PRECIOUS! Love you guys!