all i want for christmas...

...i GOT on christmas morning. layla-boo started social smiling and cooing. our little chunk's voice drives us bonkers with delight and her smile send us over the edge. also, its fairly impressive that her facial muscles can hoist those massive cheeks skyward.

her poor little complexion is finally getting a lot better. but its starting to look like we're gonna have a full blown baldie on our hands as each of her hairs seems to be slowly retreating back into its follicle like a shadowless groundhog (or do i have that backwards?). and now that all the jaundice has left her system it appears that she is going to be pale like mommy.

but hair will grow and there always spray tanning and accutane, but a smile like our girl has is sort of irreplaceable and priceless. so cheese it up lay-lay!

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  1. What an adorable smile...so glad you could catch it. Can't wait to hold her some more, see those smiles, and hear those coos!