gone but not forgotten...

...as in me from my blog but hopefully not your hearts?

just popping in super speedylike to 'splain myself and my absence.

here is my 5-pronged excuse for my blog silence this entire week.

i have been:

1. being inspired by the spring  like BANANASFOSTERTHECRAZYPEOPLE. yall the projects abound. sometimes i have to give myself a timeout to breathe and make a list because i will just start spinning in dizzying circles of creativity and end up making an immediate transition to the astral plane.

new firepit! the old one was our first ever pin project but we were sad to realize that the stones we got had a lip and therefore didnt lay flush. this was not pleasing to my OCD brain. well this year we cannibalized the firepit for a garden wall and got new flat stones that are gray and so lovely it's criminal

2. taking care of this chick. she has had 4 or 5 ear infections in the past 3 months. we are probably going to be getting her tubes. the thought of that is dizzying in a whole other way. my baby in a tiny hospital gown (albeit for a miraculous and pretty harmless procedure)?!?! i cant even cope.

 also: a mega black eye from her big brother swinging a plastic 9-iron. sweet lil bruiser looks so tough with this

3. getting a spray tan from mother nature. unfortunately, instead of "sunkissed" she set her nozzle to "jaundiced" instead because the yellow is inescapable. it's beyond gross, even if you dont have the allergies that come with the pollen (i do). i mean do the trees think that my sinuses/cars/patio/life  are ovulating so they need to spray as much of their reproductive material in and on them as possible to ensure the proliferation of their species?!?! why are they so spermy!?!?!

i had thrown a doormat onto our walkway to sweep and when i moved it 2 days later this was the difference:

so much yellow. the good news: it just vigorously downpoured and i got to watch the rain wash a lot of it away.

4. getting ready to host these jokers!
 it's a RaeKeightion!...plus kids and husbands. so excited to have these pretty faces in my clutches...or something less threatening.

5. aaaaand laughing nonstop at this little gem. i love him just so much.

i hope these reasons are somewhat palliative to whatever angst (doubt it) youve been experiencing due to my absence.


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  1. No angst, but I am just wondering if Layla is sleeping in a cupboard under the stairs, in a firepit or perhaps a bed of growing lettuces....
    Good for you, enjoy the spring!

  2. was the cereal eating comment from jesse? because if it was, i tip my hat to him. haven't stopped laughing since i saw it.