the bone i picked

the wall project in the office that i teased you with a glimspe of is all finished (actually it has been for about 2 months...i am forgetful and a poor sharer! forgive me?) and i am in hard luuuuurve with it.

so now i give you my sexagonal, vaulted-ceiling, herringbone accent wall of glory:

it makes me happy-happy with a hint of dizzy too. so glad we chose the wall that our backs face while we are sewing/working. your brain tends to try to slip into crosseyed-ville if you look at it too long.

i need to get some stuff on the wall to break up the mind-swirl that it is now. a chic, sexy, perfect mind-swirl...but nevertheless. needs stuff.

 so much tape was used to create these ladders climbing up to graphic heaven.

 this was ALL the paint i had left over. a quart was perfect.

pulling off tape is always very pleasurable. but with this mammoth project, this last pull deserved its own photo. the feeling i had here was nothing short of sublime.

 did i just give you vertigo? sharing the wealth, yall.

i am a happy girl.

as you can see in the margins above, we still havent done much of anything to the other 3 walls. right now i am thinking a cool mint or a cheery coral...but i just dont know.  

also wondering if these pics are enough or if a real tutorial is needed on how we did this.

i saw herring fish fillets at the store the other day and i reached down and thanked the little guys for their anatomical inspiration. 

in conclusion: schwing.

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  1. Dear Keight,

    Please please give a real tutorial. The Tech girl in me knows that the Tech girl in you will give excellent notes on how to choose the right width, angled and height for the herringbone as well as how to get the corners right and keep everything straight without losing your mind.

  2. So dizzy, but so beautiful! I think you should go with coral accents. That would be AWESOME!

  3. long time no comment, but have no fear I still read every word of every post. I love your wall and my eyes think it is crazy at the same time. I keep wondering what it would be like to be standing in front of this wall. I think you should have the Breanna (or is it Brenna) over for some new family shots in front of the wall.

  4. Love this! Wish I had the patience to attempt this. You are officially my hero.