judah's birthday: pre-party sights

the invites (phone numbers and addresses obscured on the off chance we have stalkers that we don't actually know. unlike all the ones we know and love....cough, COUGH, dina, lauren, etc.)

lena and elliot showing up 2 hours early to help. with some illegal gifts. but they were so irresistible that i couldn't turn them away. little preppy plaid polo shirt, blue striped polo, the official birthday shirt and the grey new balance sneakers that jesse and i had positively drooled over a few weeks ago but couldn't get the nerve to buy. i never even mentioned it to lena! these are the exact model of elliot's standard sneakers so its pretty perfect and we are obsessed with them. 4 for 4 by the godparents!!! i think judah likes these guys.

the tables (all the plates and cups and utensils were the other 4 colors from the invitation, in case you were wondering why fecal brown was chosen as the tablecloth color) and my centerpieces. these were cardboard colored when i bought them and i painstakingly painted them to match the invitations the night before. i couldn't bear to spend money on something like a normal centerpiece that we'd just throw out or clutter up our lives afterwards, so i figured i could hang these on his wall during the year. since it was pleasantly breezy though, they kept falling over. this wasn't too bad since it was only once every 30 minutes or so...
...that is, until we went to tie the balloons to each letter. then we were lucky if they fell over instead of drifting lazily away. elliot rigged up some form of weeblo-scout knotting method to make the letters stay AND tether the balloons. it wasn't ideal to have them laying there flat on the tables like gunshot victims, but it was better than them mary poppins-ing away into the horizon.

judah was getting nostalgic at one of our many pre-screenings of the video. actually he was probably jealous that his daddy love was being given to that random baby instead of him. unhand him!

sorry people, the nurse lottery is over, and we won. how many L&D nurses will coach you through horrific unmedicated childbirth, deliver your baby, give you her cell phone number within minutes of finding out you are pregnant again, offer to switch shifts as soon as we go into labor #2 so that she can be there for us, offer to make judah's birthday cake and then DO IT, from scratch, within 6 hours of hearing back from me, have it be the most adorable cake ever, deliver it to us via golf cart with precious little isaac along for the ride the night before the party, and then bring her entire family of 5 to the party that next day? um, the answer is one. and we got her.
the party post binge is almost over. i am damn well gonna get my money's worth out of this party considering how much freaking effort went into it.

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