blast ON!

what i am about to tell you comes from deep in my heart. specifically from the plaque buildup in the blood vessels of my heart.

i havent been paid or compensated in any way to talk about the magic i am about to share with you.

no. rather, like ron swanson, i am passionate about breakfast foods and anything that can make their delivery unto my mouth faster, easier and tidier, and i want to shout it from the mountaintops.


jesse and i discovered this bizarre little product during atlanta's icepocalypse of 2011 (according to instagram, this was 83 weeks ago).

have you seen this stuff?

it's organic pancake/waffle batter in a can! it dispenses just like whipped cream and you can get a surprising amount of waffles and pancakes out of one bottle. if you ate the whole bottle (which of course i always research ahead of time for the rainy day when i need to plow through a whole receptacle of any food item in our house) you'd only have eaten 1000 calories (you would also have eaten 28 pancakes...so, good luck with that).

did i mention this batter makes really DELICIOUS waffles/pancakes? so golden crispy brown. AND it's expiration date is months later than when you buy a can so you have plenty of time to blast your way through some breakfasts before the time bomb of spoilage drops its payload. (our cans have never come close to surviving that long).

oh yeah, the best part: there is NARY A DISH or bowl or spatula to wash! come thou fount of flour-based, pressurized blessings!

now. if it's so dreamy, why dont i ALWAYS have a can on hand? well, normally it costs $4 a bottle at publix.

but the stars have aligned and this week (until wednesday or thursday) publix has this junk on BOGO aaaaaaaand there is a 50 cent off coupon (which most publix stores will double making it a cool $1 off). so every bottle is $1!. the catch is only one coupon per purchase.

this means jesse and i have gone into publix about 6 times this week and have been stockpiling:

taken saturday. there are more now. believe dat.

in case you were confused.

so if you come over to our house any time before christmas, expect to be served this:

choco chip OR blueberry!

have you seen this stuff ever? if you havent, are you appalled by it? is it a revelation to you right now or are you a little concerned by my zeal for breakfast carbs?


  1. We used that stuff for a paper towel photo shoot once. It made styling "Awkward Waffle Iron Mess" a breeze!

  2. OMG this cracks me up. I had never heard of it until I started dating my boyfriend, but he is obsessed!!! It's great for tailgates and any other time you are cooking for mass amounts of people, which is how he got into it... but I'd be lying if I said we didn't also eat it all the time by ourselves. It does suck that it is so expensive (although hey, it's organic! ...which I also find HILARIOUS) so heck yeah if I found a sale like that I'd be stocking up too!!!

  3. I want this stuff and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am thinking that these don't exist here in Central IL but oh boy if they did, I'd be all over that!! Luuuuucky southern girl!!!

    1. it's worth keeping an eye out for... we had it in Pennsylvania!

  5. I want this stuff! Sounds amazing. I'll have to go hit up Publix tomorrow!

    Sorry I didn't get to say "hey" to you or Jesse Sunday. Visited Legacy but was in a hurry to leave as we had birthday plans after.

  6. Sadly in Canada we have to make our waffles and pancakes the old fashioned way, however we have the maple syrup to make up for it! We also can't do the coupon doubling and other saving shenanigans that you can, which stinks! Enjoy your organic cans of breakfast deliciousness!

  7. I have never seen this stuff.
    I am not appalled by it.
    It is a revelation to me right now.
    My only concern is that it may never make it to the marketplace in my city.

    God Bless it - adding water to a box of batter was WAAAAAAY over-taxing me.

  8. I tried this stuff a long time ago. I was so pumped when I saw it on the grocery store shelf. I thought it tasted bad. Not sure what it was, but it was messing up my dear pancake experience. I'll give it one more shot. The thought of squeezing out pancake batter whip cream-style still excites me.

  9. dude- that stuff sounds amazing, I have never heard of it before...we would be all over that in my house. Also, way to incorporate Ron Swanson. :) This has nothing to do with breakfast but one of my fav Ron Swanson quotes: I never half ass 2 things. I only whole ass 1 thing. hahaha