put up your facebook

there will be a badge on the sidebar forever (somewhere over there) -----> to go visit through, but i wanted to just come out loud and proud with a post too.

i am nervous about this (social anxiety, fear of shunning, etc.) but feel like it's a good in between place for those who want to be more than lurkers, but maybe arent ready to outright follow or comment to keep up with the blog and the goings on.

it's also a way that i can keep my in-real-life friends separate from my bloggy friends on the 'book, (as no one calls it, i hope).

one day, there will be teleportation and our internet friends can be IRL friends at a click...but until then: this.

if this is confusing self-referential internets within internets within smaller internets, and you fear you might tumble down a wormhole if you think about it too much...and it's all JUST TOO MUCH, ignore it.

i will still love you madly even without your thumb.


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  1. Mah besties & I often refer to it as "the book of faces" - so just add "of faces" & you'll be cool just like us.