one last pitch

if you're like me, you have been mad scoping all the bangin' olympic bodies.

and if you are a magnet of horrific irony like me, you also happened to installe a full length mirror in your house for the first time ever on the same weekend that the olympics began.

this unfortunate combination of occurrences has lit quite the fire in me. there is nothing quite like spending 3 hours ogling fat-free bodies in peak condition shredding water, air and belief and then catching a head-to-toe glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

representing the country of The Dimple-cratic Reflublic of Badonko: keight dukes.

something must be done.

my plan-- august va-voom: a month-long group competition where every little exercise you do earns you points and the top point-winners get cash money prizes. absolutely no athletic ability or fitness experience needed!

keeping track of it all in a google doc is HUGE motivation to get off the couch an get in some lunges or go for a walk.

when you see the other ladies kicking butt, it is major accountability.

here's a snapshot of the personal sheet each competitor will have:

-blue arrow: the list of exercises that earn points (for each of the linked exercises in blue, there is a video of the correct form for each activity)
-green arrow: the number of points you earn per unit (10 minutes, one rep, etc) of exercise.
-red arrow: the categories of each exercise group
-yellow arrow: this is a new feature where we are adding a daily CAP of "other cardio" to make the competition more fair to folks of all schedules and abilities. for any one day, the max amount of points you can earn in the light/moderate/intense cardio categories will be 20. no rollover points. there will be NO MAX on any other category, so feel free to run 10 miles in one day. this should make things more competitive throughout the month.
-purple arrow: the total points you have scored on that particular day.

you will log your activities under the appropriate date column (1 for august first, and so on) and the point values will calculate automatically thanks to excel prowess.

so here's an example. let say i do the following on august 1st:

-40 lunges on each leg
-30 sit ups
-25 push ups
-25 minutes of riding my bike at a fairly challenging pace
-1.5 miles run at 11 min/mi pace

here's how i would log those:

note that for 25 minutes of bike riding, i put in 2.5 because the units for that exercise are 10 minutes at a time.

my total score for the day is 12.28.

does that make sense?

i promise its not hard and the spreadsheet does all the work for you. we will also have a leader-board with graphs for overall points and the leaders in each exercise so you can keep track of the competition.

so seriously, join now! (the signups close at noon EST today) you will be amazed at how much the group dynamic and community accountability can motivate you to move your butt.

because, seriously, those olympians did not get that way by eating cheese and watching other people work out on TV.

you can pay securely and fast through paypal right here: SIGN UPS CLOSED!


  1. Jessica Cooper7/31/12, 11:01 AM

    Was I supposed to get an email from you? I signed up a couple of days ago and received my payment confirmation, but that's all. Just want to make sure I don't miss out!

    Thanks Keight!

    1. you are good to go, jessica. one of my mistakes last time was trying to do everything as registrations came in. this time, i am cutting this mother off at noon and THEN sending everything once.

  2. Alright, I asked for motivation for getting back into shape and this popped up on my facebook(as i follow the blog there) and this is the answer to the movtivation wanting!!!! and very last second im signing up!!!!

  3. I'm slightly frightened but excited.