judah's birthday: the game/giveaway 80

*i am adding a collage so you don't have to scroll up and down a million times. you should be able to click this and see it enlarged.

.at the party we had a game. i ripped this idea off from my friend holly a long time ago and have been planning for it ever since. each month on the 25th we took a picture of judah in his crib with a little sign (aka paper plate) saying which month "birthday" it was. the game was to put the pictures in order from 1 month to 12 months using the blocked out letters on the stickers over the signs.

for example if you thought picture A was him at one month and B was at 2 months (you'd be deranged but...) you'd put A, B,....etc.

.it was a surprisingly difficult task for most people (one grandmother and godfather only got 3 right!) the winners at the party were judah's aunt jackie and judah's church girlfriend's daddy, robert, who both got 8 correct using nothing but these 12 pictures (meaning they didn't get to use the blog as a resource). other notable scores were jesse with 7 and lena with 7, and my dad was too chicken to try, for those of you keeping score out there. i'd say the average was about 4.68. HARD! (adrienne, i saw you filling one out but i never found it to give you your score, if you wanna play again).

.so do you want to play? since there is much more room to cheat doing it on the internet instead of in person so i am counting on the honor system, people. so how about we make this a giveaway too? i believe we are on giveaway 80 (for reaching 80 followers). the prize can be me making you anything you've seen me make before. if it's a tie i'll just randomize that mofo to get an ultimate winner. you have until friday when i'll put the pictures up in the correct order to show off how much little man morphed each month and then we'll announce the winner.

just leave what you think is the correct sequence from youngest to oldest in the comments section (i.e.: A,B,C,D, on and on. OR you can just do it by writing K-x months, B-x months, etc.). good luck!


  1. I put my paper in my pocket because I hadn't finished it before going in to see the Judah b-day video, and then forgot to finish it later. Here's my guess (starting from youngest to oldest): F, D, A, K, I, C, G, L, E, H, J, B

    I'm sure I'm very wrong, especially as he gets older, but I had fun guessing. What a great game!

  2. His faces are so awesome!!!

  3. hey here is my first order but thinking back at your blog posting i am thinking i took the obvious road so maybe i should rethink it


  4. First off- you are cruel for making me scroll through that post!
    My head is now spinning with images of Judah (not a bad thing!).
    Here's my guess:

  5. I kind of gave up close to the middle like I usually do with tests, so here's my best guess.

    F, D, A, K, I, C, G, L, E, H, J, B.

    I looked at his hair and the plumpness of his cheeks, because I know that that's what changed the most for Emma throughout each month.

    Maybe I'm right?

  6. So, I may not be right, but i DEFINITELY deserve to win because I worked so hard at this... I printed all the pictures, cut them all out, and then laid them out in order....changing my order no less than 1,526 times! haha! So, here goes nothing.... and here's hoping I win!


  7. I love this idea. So cute, wish I had actually kept up with taking pictures each month. Oh well. This was a bit harder than I thought it would be, and I so wanted to physically place them in order. Here is my guess:
    F, A, K, D, I, C, G, L, E, H, B, J

  8. Thanks for almost tricking me with your collage... there was no C! Here are my answers: FKADIGCELHJB

  9. ok. despite the temptation, i didn't go back and look. nor did i look at everyone else's answers. my guesses are:


    i love how it looks like his air-running in most of the pics!

  10. I'm totally stealing this idea for MB's first birthday. Here is what I think: F, A, D, K, E, C, G, I, L, H, J, B. The collage was very helpful but I freaked out when there were two of one pic and the C was missing!

  11. Here are my guesses!!




    Your child is beautiful and blessed! Many hopes and prayers in the coming years!

  13. Swear I didn't cheat and it was HARD! But super fun. He is such a doll and I just love keeping up with you guys on the blog!

    F-1 month
    D-2 months
    A-3 months
    K-4 months
    I-5 months
    G-6 months
    C-7 months
    L-8 months
    E-9 months
    H-10 months
    J-11 months
    B-12 months

    Hope I'm right! I want a jewelry roll!