the rover

we ran in to the local bookstore on sunday to grab a book and noticed someone doing a signing at the back of the store. i figured it was a little local author or something since there was no big hoopla being made and no line. i kind of felt bad for the little guy. then i also noticed a police escort. so i decided to investigate at the front of the store. turns out it was karl rove. he was promoting (to an audience of 3) his new book, "courage and consequence: my life as a conservative in the fight." hahahaha. i had to beg jesse to take a picture. we aren't so much supporters of his or his views or his ethics but i said "wouldn't you still want a picture of stalin or voldemort if they came to our bookstore? even if you don't really like them?"

i really wanted to buy a copy of obama's book and take it up to him to sign. that or twilight breaking dawn.

we aren't hardcore liberals at all really, but we are certainly not conservatives. we are too lazy to really know what we are talking about so we mostly don't talk about politics. jesse and i do have several very well-informed friends who are quite vocally liberal and i soooo wish tison or tatum could have been there. to do what? i don't know exactly, but it seemed like a wasted opportunity on two ignorants like us. perhaps that police escort would have had to earn his money if they had been along for the ride. i didn't even have it in me for a half-hearted heckle.


  1. I would have done nothing other than remove the "inspiration" sign in front of him.

  2. If you look closely, you can see Donald Miller's "Million Miles in a Thousand Years" sitting on the inspiration table in front of Mr. Rove. Maybe we should have moved those as well.

  3. Oh gosh how I love this.