it's that time again...

the magically talented brenna wood has done it again. our 6 month portraits were this morning and we already have some proofs up on facebook! we'll have the full CD in a few weeks but here's the cuteness we are dealing with right now. if you have a baby, HIRE HER TODAY! her prices and talent are awesome and the best part is that, unlike most photographers, she doesn't hold the prints hostage for exorbitant sums of money, you get ALL the proofs for every session for one flat rate.

we were MUCH better prepared for this session versus the 3 month one. we had like 5 outfits ready to go (some, erm, rented from baby gap) AND i was about 20 lbs lighter therefore actually comfortable in my skin AND i actually had some time to get ready and have since had a haircut and highlights AND we had them done at our house.

please enjoy the bug. we sure as sweet salmon scones are!

remember this little setup? little did we know it would be memorialized in photos for years to come. and thanks to the fact that they were on clearance, there was no fear of judah droppings ruining an expensive artifact. he didn't even sprinkle one single sprunkle. ( but it looks like our grandchildren's futures were in a bit of danger there for a minute though with that gap between the two ottomans!)

judah returns to the scene of the crime 15 months later (hmmm, well, crap. at least i FELT thinner!)

sleepy little elf. just when i thought i couldn't love our bed or our son anymore

looks like he's about the stand up and walk off. or squat and drop some nuggets on our bedspread.

sweet lord. worth it. the weight, the gas, the hormones, the tiny bladder, the pelvic exams, the contractions, the 3rd degree tear and repair, the recovery, the stress, the missed sleep, all of it. worth it all over again just for this right here. it's always been worth it but this is a moment of love so deep that i would do it all over again right NOW


  1. Man, do I understand that--I'd do all mine over again for this moment as well...send this picture in to every baby magazine out there!!!!

  2. keight! those pics are wonderful! judah gets cuter by the day! you look beautiful!

  3. cutest bug EVER. what a little stud. i love him!

  4. Joliene Price12/28/09, 8:55 PM

    The pictures are SOOOOO precious. And by the by...small world...a couple of weeks ago I started working out with a trainer Don Stout. Come to find out his daughter is your photographer! The world is VERY small! Hugs!