it's crimus!

i get a new pair of my favorite shoes from target every winter. i have a brown pair and a tan pair and i alternate which pair gets updated every year. i was pleasantly surprise that they redesigned them a little by shortening the toe bulb (official term) this year to make them more feminine looking.

we did not get our tree this night. they were out of the $25 reject specials at pike

but we had to make the most of the reindeer outfit by taking some pics in front of other families' future trees


our (first...never have been motivated to do one of just us 2) christmas card! i picked out the second 2 pictures before i read the little tag line underneath...it's perfect! if you didn't get this in the mail, sorry, we're poor and ignorant that you wanted one! accept these as our glad tidings
while we decorated the house and tree (that we bought 3 days later) we watched the nativity story. we first got this on netflix in 2007 and were VERY skeptical, as we are about most live action bible movies because they mostly are awful and make jesus seem like a sissy dork wizard. or they're all casted with such glaringly aryan actors supposedly portraying palestinians that i get so distracted i can't focus. but it was really good, minimally corny and very little license was taken. i highly recommend it. we bought it (which we rarely do) and will have a tradition of watching it every year to get in the mood while we decorate.

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