Shhh! They're sleeping...

Wow. There is going to be a LOT to say people. But I think this is going to take a little bit of time to digest. Right now I'm sitting in Room 326 of the hospital while K8 is napping in 333. She has had about 4 hours of sleep in the last 50 hours, AND just went through the greatest athletic achievement of her life (D1 athletic college career included), so right now its just me and Judah bug chillin' out together.

I have a new definition of peace.

This has certainly been the most amazing experience of my life. Never before has a day been filled with so much hope, joy, wonder, fear, respect, heartache and pure unadulterated love. I am completely in awe of the two members of my family. I have never been so proud of anyone in my life. I'm going to post the entire story soon, but just to show you just how amazing she was, I want to share with you what guardian angel nurse who actually ended up delivering Judah, had to say about the experience. This was posted by her last night on Facebook, completely unsolicited and unexpectedly.

Moments that take your breath away........
So, I had an amazing day and had to write something down about it. I'm almost certain I will ramble but oh well. I am lucky enough to love what a I do for a living, and usually get to witness the amazing miracle of birth at least once a day. It never fails, I'm always in awe of how a life gets its start and how neat our bodies are designed. But today I was more aware than ever of how a woman can be both vulnerable and courageous in the same moment, how she can lose control yet be the commanding presence in the room, how the thought of something amazing (a baby) can make a her overcome pain and push a baby out into the world when her whole being is being bombarded with pain stimuli. What I witnessed today was a mother-to-be embracing pain, standing on the edge of giving in then stepping back, refocusing, and recommitting herself to a goal she alone had set. There was a gamut of emotions-tears, laughter, exhaustion, elation, frustration, determination, fear, acceptance, and at the very end pure, raw JOY! I was humbled today as I had the privilege to bring my patient's first born into this world and be witness once again to the miracle of life. This was my first official nurse delivery and I will never have the words to adequately describe this fantastic moment in my life.

Me either Adrienne. Me either.



  1. omg...what amazing, beautiful words...it made me cry and i don't even know her. i can't wait to hear the beautiful story from the both of you. i love you both and we can't wait to meet him.

  2. Welcome to the world Judah! What a beautiful story of his arrival, I am so excited for your family. We hope our daughter will be right behind you. Love the Milams

  3. WOW--what an awesome testimony of Keight's glorious moments of victory!! My eyes are filled with tears as I think about the times we talked about how it would be, and all you guys learned on your own, and how Keight persevered to the end!!

    God was so good to give you someone so special, who really appreciated all you went through, and walked with you. What a awesome family for her to have her first delivery with!! Praise the Lord!