the finished nest...bring on the baby bird

so here's the final tour of the nursery now that all the showers are done and we have put everything in its place (thank you so much everyone!)...and of course before it gets ransacked by the little life force living here. it will never look this good again i bet. something is wrong with our camera still, sorry for the yucky quality.

the tour will start from right when we walk in the door and then proceed from the left-hand wall around in a clockwise fashion. please hold on.

view from the door

wall directly to the left of the entry

bookshelf #1/hamper/diaper genie corner

da crib (my aunt wanda made that quilt by hand!)

bookshelf #2 corner

right-hand wall

looking back toward the door: closet/nightlight

most of Judah's clothes are in the dresser and the toy box, these are just next size up seasonal an special occasion clothes. i hate hanging things up, so all everyday wear is folder in drawers

we have had a blast getting Judah's room just perfect in anticipation of his arrival, but we are really tired of arranging things meant to contain the baby and are really, really, REALLY just ready to meet the baby himself!

our hospital bags are all packed: mine, jesse's, judah's and the labor bag, plus boppy, laptop bag, goodie baskets for the nurses station, 4 pillows and a birthing/yoga ball...er, do hospitals have bellhops? we are at 37 weeks and 2 days right now and as of last monday's doctor visit were making some progress...completely softened cervix and almost starting to dilate a bit, so it could happen tonight or in another 5 weeks. i hate looking at the bags knowing they could be sitting there another month, but its better than the alternative of jesse trying to pack everything and coach me at the same time once the real deal gets here.

we are trying not to drive ourselves nuts at every turn and just enjoy being a family of 2 for a little while longer. we have had the best time together with just the 2 of us the past 2.5+ years (minus a few months there at the beginning!) and are going to miss our special newlywed time, in fact i have already mourned this period of our lives a few times thanks to my raging hormones. but we know that teammate #3 is just going to make us fall in love all over again-with him and each other (once we wash the vomit smell off).

think dilated and contracted thoughts for us!

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  1. Aw, Keight, you brought tears to my eyes...

    The nursery is beautiful!! I love your idea of the crates in the closet--I may have to copy that idea. And, I have a new load of "the next size up" clothes if you are interested...

    Thinking about you guys!