And what do May flowers bring?


Work that backwards another step and you've got our post topic for the day, so cleverly invented by Mrs. Keight herself. Do you get it? Eh?

Anyway, keep thinking, it'll come. This week we are entering the 37th week of pregnancy, which in layman's terms is, the home stretch, or almost full term. If the little guy decided to come anytime now, we would not do anything to stop him. And the way Keight has been feeling lately, we are about ready to do everything we can to encourage our little man to "head out" if you know what I mean. Bah ha ha!

Sorry, I digress. But seriously if you have a trampoline we may be asking to borrow it sometime soon.

Anyway, this post is all about the fun and amazing showers that have recently been thrown for us by our wonderful friends and family. The first of which was a raucous affair that took place at our church on April 19th. There was everything from chocolaty diaper sniffing to baby bottle drinking games. We don't front at this church.

There was also many wonderful presents to be unwrapped, fun games to play, and some baby food to test out at some point.

Keight's highlight was certainly the THREE cakes that were made. We are both pretty serious lovers of cake (honestly, who isn't) but little did I know she is quite the fan of pound cake, and especially when it is made by Martha Bass. It was what you might call "excellent" or in layman's terms "destroyed".

The Shower Planners and Said Cakes

Keight Looking Cute with Matchy Present

Some of the Presents with the Creepy Baby Being Crushed

Before the dust could settle or the thank you notes could even be written, we headed off the next weekend to yet another April Shower (do you get it now?). This time the party was hosted at Mom and Dad Dukes' beautiful home and the guest list was made up of the wonderful lady friends (and John Hightower due to some hilarious invitation snafu-age) from my parents side.

Where we started with sass we ended with class. Our super creative sister Jackie and my always hospitable Mom created a warm and beautiful arrangement of food and decorations that was simply delicious. And thanks to Ms. Always Classy Never Trashy Ashley Hightower, we also benefited from some appropriated colored and exceptionally delicious cakes and cookies.

It was almost too pretty to eat... Almost.

As you can see, it really was beautifully put together and we were once again blown away by the amazing generosity of our friends and family (the sword was a gift from Dad to do the circumcision... riiiight). We played a round of scattegories making words from the letters in Keight, Jesse and Judah and our answers were the key to victory for those who guessed what we were thinking.

Then we received the blessing of countless tidbits of wisdom from all of the attendees. They wrote on note cards what they would surely do again as parents, and what they would as soon never do again. It was quite thoughtful and very educational. Especially since both of our own parents were there!

All in all though, we had a blast and really enjoyed seeing both of our families and being able to spend time with them. We can't thank them enough for their generosity.

With the Wonderful Hostesses

Thanks for tuning in. I'll leave you with a plea for prayer that Judah gets the "lion's share" of this packed gene pool. Take a look at our stupidly skinny parents who are living proof that organic food and healthy living is worth the effort. Much love to you all.

With Our Ridiculously Healthy and Hot Parents

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