pics from a new life!

i'm sure you will be hearing lots from us in the near future, but for now here are some favorite pics from judah's first 48 hours on the planet

full dukes fam

all the wonderful grandparents

our hero...adrienne the L&D nurse (aka doula, midwife, coach, doctor, saving grace)

one of my first times holding him after a tumultuous post-delivery period

natural-born daddy material people! he's amazing

getting into his going home outfit 24 hours after birth

everyone was feeling MUCH better after 24 hours and a shower

first car ride

first morning after being home. getting ready to go to the doctor

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  1. ok i admit it. your blog is now the only thing open on my browser and every time i walk thru my kitchen it gets a refresh. thanks for this fix that will keep me going for awhile. he is presh presh presh. can't wait to hear the whole story. you look incredible. love you all three so much!