time to shower!

we had our first "shower" last weekend. technically, it was not a shower per se, it was a "baby party" this was to lure unsuspecting males to an event that they are naturally afraid of. there were no baby games and the food was hearty and wonderful. there was not a pastel blue decoration in sight. it was a nice change of pace from the traditional baby shower (which i also love) because it gave the husbands/dads/boyfriends/fiances a chance to hang out with each other and pretend to watch basketball while actually thinking how cute the baby clothes were. we had SO MUCH FUN!!!

i get bigger, he get's cuter. it not fair. but i'll take it! (30 weeks 5 days)

my best friends amanda goodman and marisa jackson threw it for us at amanda's house which pretty much looks like a set for HGTV it is so expertly decorated (completely by amanda). we had so much fun hanging out with some of our favorite friends in the world. everything was perfect. love love love these girls!

marisa, me, amanda

i played volleyball at tech with BOTH hostesses..but marisa and i were both defensive specialists, so we thought it appropriate to show what a true textbook "baby bump" looks like. i guess you could say marisa really digs judah. HELLO PUN!

baby bumping

looking like partners in more than pepper

we LOVE him! really hoping he has brown curly hair just like this little guy, maybe a little more

me and my sweet prego-fatface (sick) catching up with a long lost friend...but not in the way i would most enjoy. soon though.

doing some labor practice on top of the beer cooler, naturally (just like they will hopefully have ready for us at the hospital). here's hoping judah's head is just a few inches smaller and jesse is just a little less terrified. please note my sweet arm tan line. i dont know how i am going to fix that. one unexpected mid-march sunburn and i am doomed!


  1. Thanks Keight! Love your blog too! :) It's so fun to hear you describe everything I was feeling just a few weeks ago... it has gone by so fast - you have no idea. SCARY!

  2. K&J--love the posts both of you have done...so wonderful to hear your thoughts as you go along. The pics are awesome, and I love the first one especially of the two of you--I want that picture!! You guys are adorable. The shower looks like so much fun--it'll be a hard act to follow for sure!